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June 2024

Tenders & Toys  We gathered the coolest kit to keep on board in 2024 in our Tenders and Toys Special.

Experiencing excellence  Premier provisioner Maison Del Gusto sent four yacht chefs — and Dockwalk — on an immersive food experience in Italy.

Is fryer fat the miracle fuel we've been waiting for?  HVO fuel — much of it from used cooking oil — is being touted as the most viable eco-friendly diesel alternative to date. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

It's go, go, go on King Benji  Captain Grant Du Preez is just the guy to keep up with the energetic owner on Dunya Yachts’ 153-foot custom build.

Plus: News and Captains’ Club spotlight

May 2024

The art of dockwalking   Dockwalking may be trickier than it used to be, but there are many ways to maximize your chances of securing that dream job on board.

A second wind  More and more people are switching to a career at sea later in life, presenting some challenges but also bringing a raft of invaluable benefits.

Diver down   Overlooking safety procedures can have severe consequences for those working in the water. Read more on why practicing lockout/tagout is essential — and can prevent serious injury.

Life in pink   Captain Oscar Vallejo switches sail for power on one of the most talked-about charter market entries.

Plus: News and Captains’ Club spotlight

April 2024

Lights, camera, action!    With hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views, the crew of Loon is setting a new standard for social media in yachting. Read more on how Loon became the most-followed boat on social media.

Belize bound   It was diving that drew 159ft explorer V6 to Belize, but the rainforest made them stay. Captain Josh Scrimshaw and the crew share tales of their off-season adventure.

Like and follow: the best content creators   From laugh-out-loud reels to lessons on how to score your first job, there are countless posts on social media offering inspiration. Check out our favorite accounts to follow.

A moment in the sun   Captain Jack Gorman on the  Sunreef 80 Eco S61 is as intriguing a character as the catamaran he helms.

Plus: News and Captains’ Club spotlight

March 2024

The Cost of Yachting There are so many alluring factors about yachting that it's no surprise people pack up their bags and head to yachting hubs in hopes of landing a job. But between mandatory certifications and expenses, the financial cost can be discouraging. Crew and industry experts share the financial realities of trying to break into yachting.

In Case of Emergency   While all crew have some first-aid training in the basic STCW safety training, there's a growing consensus that it's not sufficient when dealing with the unique challenges posed by yachting. Erica Lay speaks to crew and medical professionals on their experiences and how more training could be the difference between life and death.

Capt. Stefhan Malherbe   With an older cousin in yachting who would tell him all about the industry during his leave, Capt. Stefhan Malherbe decided before he finished high school that he would join yachting once he graduated. The rest is history. He shares his most memorable moment, favorite destinations, and top tip for fellow captains.

Plus: News and News & Gear

February 2024

Around the World in 90 Dishes Twenty-eight chefs rose to the challenge at the 2023 Antigua Charter Yacht Show Concours de Chef competition, taking the judging panel on a culinary journey around the world. Read more about the winning chefs and the inspiration behind their dishes.

Longevity — A Thing of the Past?   It has long been established that role longevity is valued by crew agents. But staying on a boat for the sake of it might not be doing crew or the industry any favors. Erica Lay explains why it may be time to let longevity go, plus captains and senior crew share their thoughts on it and the role it has played in their career.

Capt. Kelly Gordon   Growing up in the middle of a cornfield, Capt. Kelly Gordon made quite a leap to the yachting industry. Now at the helm of 33-meter M/Y Andiamo II, she shares her journey to yachting, what's left on her bucket list, and the biggest challenge she's had to deal with as captain.

Plus: News and News & Gear

January 2024

Steady as She Goes   BOAT International’s annual Global Order Book and its data shows a slight decrease in the total number of projects ordered or in build from the year before. From the top builders and nations to the breakdown by size category, plus its impact on the crew market, find out more about the state of the industry and this year's trends.

Left Unpaid   Unfortunately, the issue of unpaid wages happens more often than many would like to admit. Whether a crewmember has been ghosted by everyone aboard or needs to present proof, the process can be frustrating. Crew share their experience of not getting paid, and attorneys discuss the best way to approach these situations.

Capt. Tim Buck  Starting his career as an engineer, Capt. Buck worked as delivery captain, service manager, and joined the world powerboat circuit before the lure of running his own boat became too much to resist. He shares his top destinations, crew challenges, and his trick for keeping guests entertained.

Plus: News and News & Gear