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December 2023

Finding the Right Match   Crew recruitment in recent years has shifted from captains and HODs working with traditional agents to using online databases. However, there’s more to the process than finding someone who can do the job. Crew agents and senior crew provide insight into the evolving landscape of crew recruitment.

Expect the Unexpected   Anything can happen during a charter season. While crew prep the best they can and learn as much as possible about the guests, the one guarantee for a charter season is that the unexpected is inevitable. Captains and crew share their advice and tips for preparing for charters, plus reminders for what makes standout trips.

Easy-Breezy FLIBS   The 2023 edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show was an absolute whirlwind. From the docks to the after-show events, find out what you missed in our show coverage.

Capt. Maiwenn Beadle  Having spent considerably more time afloat than onshore, Capt. Maiwenn Beadle cruises far from the beaten path and seeks out ice, calling herself “the accidental ice queen.” She shares her favorite destinations, memorable moments on board, and advice for fellow captains.

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November 2023

Keeping it Confidential   While there are no laws or code of conduct for crew agents, they should not be sharing sensitive information, whether it's email addresses and phone numbers or that you’re in the market for a new job. Several crew agents share common confidentiality problems and how to prevent them.

Glorious FLIBS   The 64th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will once again be the place to be to see the latest in the industry. From new launches to events, check out our preview for what you need to know.

Maritime Training 2.0   While maritime training is still figuring out how to make use of Al, there are many possibilities and applications, from enhanced simulations to personalized training. Read more on the insights from training directors to see how they're currently utilizing Al, its uses in the future of training, and its advantages and drawbacks.

Capt. Ryan Moore   Despite being a sailor at heart and a general waterman, Capt. Ryan Moore kept brushing off his friend in the yachting industry to join him, until he eventually gave in and gave yachting a go. Moore shares his memorable moments on board, favorite destinations for diving and cruising, plus his advice for fellow captains.

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October 2023

What Can We Expect from the Industry When Expecting?   Expectant parents have a long list of things they need to figure out and likely more worries than usual. Read more on what to expect when pregnant on board from the experiences of crewmembers, plus industry professionals share insight into crew rights, policies, and resources.

Focus on Security   Security cameras have come a long way from the days of grainy footage. Now, alerts can be sent to a smartphone thousands of miles away. While increased security has countless benefits, many insurance companies now require them to be installed. Industry experts discuss the latest innovations and how to enhance security on board.

Capt. Eli Olive   After selling his startup business and looking for his next adventure, Capt. Eli Olive was inspired by his parents' cruise to explore the world on the water. He  is now at the helm of 34-meter M/Y Untethered and 16-meter M/Y Robin's Nest. Find out more about his journey, his surprising dive gem, plus his best advice for captains.

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September 2023

Making Moves in Monaco   The 32nd edition of the world-renowned Monaco Yacht Show will showcase the best in the yachting industry. Check out our show preview for what’s new, crew events, and things you won’t want to miss.

Back to Work  The 2023 Dockwalk Salary Survey results are in and we share this year’s crew compensation guide for positions on board vessels of varying sizes. Crew agents have offered their insights and observations on the current crew job market, including trends, positions in demand, and their advice for breaking into the industry.

Wellness on the Water   Working as crew can take a lot out of you, and it may be incredibly tempting to lie in your bed and relax when off duty. But working out and focusing on your wellness can have benefits beyond getting fit. Crew fitness experts share their tips and advice for wellness on board and how it can make a difference in your life.

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August 2023

Sip & See   From wine production and pairings to geography, a trip to the vines can broaden your knowledge. Here’s our guide to a few wine regions, as recommended by former stews and wine experts, to help inspire your next holiday and combine fun and education.

Island Fever  The Bahamas has come a long way from being just a winter destination for smaller vessels. As the country moves forward with new developments and renovations, preserving the natural beauty remains a focus. Read more about how the island country is evolving into an even better yachting destination.

Special: Refit   Check out the before and after photos of M/Y Revelry for a dose of inspiration, and brush up on the latest refit options to keep your vessel in class, future proofed, or more environmentally sound. And don't miss our yard updates from around the globe.

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July 2023

Ready to Ride   It can be a challenge to ensure that guests follow instructions on operating toys, but there are some things that crew can do to emphasize safety. Experts share common tender and toy accidents, best practices, and how training courses can help.

Feel the Vibe?   Whether you can hear it or just feel it, prolonged exposure to vibrations can affect the body, leading to fatigue or other health issues. Industry experts discuss the basics of onboard noise and vibration, common culprits, and how experts find the source.

Special: Tenders & Toys   A charter adventure is enough of an attraction for most — people love lying in the sun or swimming, but the lure of adventure and fun on a tender and/or toy adds a little something extra. We have rounded up this year’s top tenders and toys to hit the market, so you’re sure to find something for everyone.

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June 2023

Yachting’s Philanthropic Endeavors   Yacht owners and crew are trying to have a positive impact and give back to the areas they cruise in. Find out more about the organizations and initiatives facilitating these efforts.

Fueling the Road to Net Zero   One way to reduce a yacht’s carbon footprint is using green marine fuels. Experts share how the science works, the compromises that may be necessary, and what these new products mean for crew.

From Florida to Palma ...  We bring you coverage of Benetti's second Yachtmaster of 2023 in Delray Beach, Florida, and the Yacht Club de Monaco Superyacht Chef Competition. We wrap up April on the docks at the Palma International Boat Show as an official media partner.

Capt. Leigh Love   Working her way through every department, Capt. Leigh Love developed a solid foundation and shares her winding yachting journey, her scariest moment on board, plus her top tip.

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May 2023

A Winding Route to the Galley   Whether you're starting from scratch or working at a restaurant, getting a cook's job on board can take many paths. Longtime yachting experts share what you need to know to make the transition to the galley, including critical skills and essentials to understand.

Staying Power   While it can be tempting to move from boat to boat to secure the "perfect" job, there is a reason why longevity is still important. Three captains discuss their experiences and secrets to making a success of being on the same yacht for many years.

Marina Special   As companies expand their marina portfolios, the operations, facilities, and amenities can change. Check out our Marina Special for what marina mergers mean for your yacht, the lure of Costa Rica’s Golfito, and the latest marina news.

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April 2023

Divine Dining   While South Florida has never been a culinary capital, the area's dining options have expanded. From hole-in-the-wall pubs and old-school seafood joints to trendy speakeasies, yacht chefs share their favorite dining spots in South Florida.

The Good, the Bad, and the #NoFiltered   From influencer accounts to jobs and new business highlights, crew are reaping the benefits of social media. The highlight reel we see doesn't always represent reality and there are downsides. Just what is lurking behind the screen?

Capt. Mark Jones   After spending his first night at sea at age 16, Capt. Mark Jones knew that he needed to work and sleep on the water. Now at the helm of M/Y C Star, he shares his journey into yachting, his most memorable moment on board, and his top crew tip.

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March 2023

Ship to Shore   When it comes to finding a job, transitioning ashore is never simple. For interior crew, estate management might be the perfect option. Former stews and crew agents weigh in on the estate management market, the job benefits, and how it differs from yachting.

Staying Connected at Sea   Thanks to advances in satellite and cellular services, there are more options and resources to stay connected than ever before. Industry experts discuss what's on the horizon in the universe of satellite connectivity and how it will affect yachting communications.

Capt. Mark Delstanche   A seasoned adventurer, Capt. Mark Delstanche set out to rise through the ranks as quickly as possible when he joined yachting. Now in command on M/Y Yalla, he shares his journey to yachting, his most memorable moment, plus his top destinations.

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February 2023

Food Fight   Global supply chains, inflation, and rising temperatures will continue to affect the food chain in 2023. Industry experts from top provisioning companies share what crew should expect from provisioning this year and their advice for how chefs can prepare for these changes.

Demystifying Yachting   While secrecy and NDAs in yachting are practically a given, there can be confusion on what can be shared without breaching an NDA. Lawyers and industry experts discuss these agreements, their impact, and the balance between confidentiality and crew speaking out about their experiences.

Capt. Raymond Heer   His journey into yachting began at the age of eight, and racing boats led him down a path of ocean racing and the South African Navy. Now at the helm of M/Y MoonShadow, Capt. Raymond Heer shares his journey to becoming a captain, his most memorable moment on board, plus his top crew tip.

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January 2023

Breaking Records   Despite supply chain delays, the number of vessels on order or in build have reached a new record. BOAT International Media’s annual Global Order Book shows this year's trends, along with the impact on the crew market. Read more about the state of the industry — and why the growth may be about to plateau.

Lean on Me   From a beach club boat to carrying tenders and toys to missions for clients, a support vessel’s purpose and use can vary drastically from one program to another. Four captains share their experiences on board support vessels, their programs, and what they look for when hiring crew.

Capt. Ty Falkenstein   After injuring himself on a prawn trawler, his mom begged him to get a less dangerous job, so in 2008, Capt. Ty Falkenstein got his first yacht job. Now at the helm of M/Y Callisto, he shares his favorite cruising and diving spots, most memorable experience on board, and his top tip for captains.

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