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May 2021

Acing the Interview Although the interview process hasn’t changed much during these times, there are some key details that shouldn’t be overlooked. Crew agents share what job searching and interview looks like during the pandemic, video interviewing prep tips, and mistakes to avoid.

The Human Factor Ensuring safety maintains a priority with owners and guests on board and that crew understand their role can strengthen the yacht's safety culture. Captains and senior officers tell us their tips for establishing and maintaining that culture on board.

Reducing Risk In yachting, some actions and jobs carry an above-average level of risk but aren’t adequately assessed due to a number of reasons. Chief Engineer John Pierce discusses performing risk assessments before undertaking a task on board to contribute to a safer workplace and prevent incidents.

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April 2021

Kid Conduct   While not officially in the job description, entertaining children can become part of the crew's responsibilities. Captains and crew share their stories and advice on dealing with various age groups.

Stay Covered   Even with vaccines, we're still a long way from returning to how it used to be. Find out the five things you need to know about insurance during a pandemic, which include notable policy changes.

The Age of Autonomy   AI's presence continues to increase and has the potential to change vessels, shipping, and even yachting. Industry professionals and experts discuss the future of autonomous ships and AI.

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March 2021

Stressed to the Max?   Now more than ever, it's important to work to alleviate stress and figure out methods that work for you. Experts, along with a stew, share ways to manage stress and tools to maintain your wellbeing.

Just What the Doctor Ordered   As health-related tech advances and medical equipment becomes more compact, the medical toolkit expands. Industry and medical professionals discuss how first aid is changing on board.

Taming an Invisible Threat   Starting on January 1, 2021, the IMO requires that the yacht's safety management system take cyber risk management into account. Experts discuss risks and vulnerabilities and how to be code-compliant.

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February 2021

The World of Wine   Experts share what you should know of the emerging wine options and trends, including natural wines and those from lesser-known regions, so you can impress those willing to embrace new trends.

Cooking During COVID   Ensuring the safety of the galley, guests, and crew may mean changing up standard procedures. Chefs and industry professionals discuss their advice and suggestions to keep everyone safe.

Happy Crew = Happy Captain   While crew may have been the most prepared for the past year, working within an onboard bubble can still take a toll on welfare. Team-building specialists gave us their tips on how to support a happy crew.

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January 2021

Delayed Gratification   Like every other industry, superyacht production has been greatly affected by the pandemic. From trends to data on new builds and delayed projects, take a look at BOAT International's annual Global Order Book.

An Oasis at Sea   While Capt. Roberto Cuomo developed a passion for the sea as a teenager. Now in command of Benetti's 41.14-meter M/Y Rebeca, he shared some of the challenges of her delivery.

Below Deck   The days where crew spaces were an afterthought are in the past. Three leading yacht designers share their approach to crew quarters and spaces, challenges, and insider tips on maximizing space.

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