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December 2018

Do You Have What It Takes?   Five top captains reveal the secrets behind their successful charter teams.

Heating Up Winter   This winter's top destinations where charter yachts will be making waves.

What Charter Guests Want   Charter brokers share the trends (and fads that are "so yesterday") of what their clients really want.

Inspired Interiors   Get the lowdown from designers who reveal the keys to a great yacht interior, plus essential info for stews from interior outfitters to tableware etiquette tips.

Plus: News & News and Gear

November 2018

The Fearsome Four   Find out what you can do to get involved and help protect our oceans.

Vice & Virtue   Grab a die and some crewmembers, and have fun seeing who can make it through the season first in Dockwalk's edition of Snakes and Ladders.

Reaching New Heights   Our guide to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and events you won't want to miss.

Turning Up the Heat   Experts and captains advise on how to raise the level of your onboard fire prevention program.

Trickle-Down Economics   A closer look at the trickle-down effect of the benefits that yachts can offer when they visit.

Up Close and Personal   Find out how crew visa, income tax, and insurance could be affected during a refit.

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October 2018

Crew with a Cause   Get inspired by these crew charitable efforts and see how you can also make a difference.

A New Reality   Crew cast members on Below Deck and other industry insiders reflect on their show experiences and its overall influence on the industry.

Social Studies   Crewmembers weigh in on how they managed to overcome negative workplace interactions.

Superyacht Heliops   Several experts in the field share their tips for ensuring that your heliops are as safe as possible.

Against the TIde   Meet five individuals who forged a new direction for their careers in the superyacht industry.

Swallowing the Anchor   Former captains and crew share their words of wisdom on preparing to depart the crew life.

Crew Uniforms   Check out the latest offerings from nine of the industry's best uniform companies and the trends to watch.

Plus: News & News and Gear

September 2018

Money Matters   Take an inside look at the average pay for many superyacht positions, along with current job trends, crew benefits, and job-hunting advice from crew agents.

Running in Place   Captains and crew share their best tips to sail smoothly through a static or event charter.

All About Monaco   The essentials you need to know about the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show.

The Data Divide   Find out how yachts and their records are affected by GDPR and make sure you're in compliance.

Bad Behavior   Several crew and management companies offer suggestions on dealing with a bad manager.

Finance   Check out information on alternative investments, expert advice, and tips to get you started.

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August 2018

Mindful Journeys   These nine sustainable travel experiences soothe your traveler’s soul while making an ecological choice.

Food for Thought   How much are superyacht chefs expected to cater to crew with unique dietary restrictions?

French with Benefits   Experts weigh in on what you should know about the French Social Security Decree.

Refit   Check out refit design trend tips, working on a rigging refit, and a glimpse behind the work on newly refitted vessels.

Plus: News & News and Gear

July 2018

Putting Fitness First   See how three ex-crew experts managed to transform the onboard gym experience to 
fab and functional.

Slippery When Wet   The experts share advice to prevent yacht toy and personal watercraft accidents.

Talking Shop   Is the captain/broker dynamic improving?

Keeping a Weather Eye   Weather forecasting for yacht route-planning is always improving, so make sure you’re ready 
for any eventuality.

Tenders & Toys   These essential tenders and toys will keep your guests entertained and happy.

Plus: News & News and Gear

June 2018

Injured on Board   Repercussions if someone gets hurts can be catastrophic. Are you ready to respond?

Here Comes the Sun   Make sure your sun protection measures are really all they’re cracked up to be.

#MeToo   In the #MeToo era, has yachting’s sexual harassment issue met its match?

Safety First   Are you adequately trained and prepared to keep your crew from harm?

Plus: The Westrec Sunrise Harbor Captain and Crew party & News & News and Gear

May 2018

M/Y Melting Pot   Learn to make the most of the diversity on board to build a strong team.

Mind Your Manners   How to leave crew housing with a spotless reputation.

Lumens, Watts, and Superyachts   Get the lowdown on lighting trends from the experts.

Rushing to the Rescue   Would you know exactly what to do when faced with refugees at sea?

Marina Madness   Today’s marinas perks and privileges, the evolution of the destination marina, eco marinas, and captains’ true tales from the docks.

Plus: News & News and Gear

April 2018

Underwater World   15 of the best snorkel and dive sites around the world.

Eco-Yachting   What are you doing to help counteract the yacht’s effect on the environment?

Green Dreams   The builders weigh in on going green — and what still needs to be done.

The Truth About Teak   Has teak on board passed its peak?

A Bright Future   Career special: The age-old longevity debate, tips for avoiding common interview mistakes, 
and how to achieve the right balance of training and experience.

Plus: The 18th Benetti Yachtmaster & News & News & Gear

March 2018

Wined & Dined   Uncorked: the best ways to explore three wine regions near yachting’s hot spots.

When in Rome...   Seven award-winning chefs dish their tips and tricks on creating regional cuisines.

Call of the Wild   These 12 adventure cruising destinations will scratch your owner’s itch to explore the world.

On the "Beach"   What you need to know about the yacht’s latest prime real estate: the beach club.

Painted Perfection   From eco trends in antifouling to the tech behind the painting process, take a peek inside our special section for all things paint.

Plus The 2018 Antigua Concours de Chef & News & News & Gear

February 2018

Home Sweet Home   How have crew quarters changed since the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006?

Cabin Fever   Here’s how to survive living with your cabin mate.

The Superyacht’s Satellite Service Survival Guide   Shopping for the yacht’s Internet satellite service? Here’s what you should be looking for.

When Cyber Attacks   Experts weigh in on common cyber vulnerabilities and how to protect the vessel.

Tech Savvy   From maintaining electronics to extending their life, get the scoop on all things tech in this special section.

Plus: The 2017 Antigua Charter Yacht Show & News & News & Gear

January 2018

Secrets of the Sheds   Just what does 2018 hold for the state of the superyacht fleet? The annual Global Order Book reveals all.

Sticking it Out   Make your New Year’s resolutions finally stick this year with these tips.

Not Your Father’s Yacht Program   There’s a new generation of yacht owners in town — how’s a captain to handle this new dynamic?

Pregnant on Board   What exactly are crew’s pregnancy rights and maternity coverage, if any? Real yachtie mothers weigh in.

Plus: The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show & The Dockwalk Paddle 'n' Party & News & News & Gear