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December 2019

Party & Play Around the World   Whether you want to change up your charter itineraries or are looking for a different adventure, we've got 10 locales to consider, including where to anchor and what to do when you get there.

Surviving the First Season   Every green crewmember's first season comes with surprises and realizations. We spoke to brand-new crew and the senior crew who employed them to see how the first season went.

The Personnel Policy   From CV photos to diversity and lifestyle hiring, experts and crew weigh in on HR trends and what they experience on board.

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November 2019

Cruising on Cloud 9   If onboard relationships are handled improperly, they can cause drama among crew. Captains, crew, and crew agents share their advice on how to professionally handle entanglements.

Creative Thinking   In the high-pressure world of yachting, creative activities can provide a relief or way to keep sane. Learn about maintaining a creative life while working aboard.

Crew Training for Generation Z   To keep up with the next generation of crew, training has risen to the challenge. Maritime training professionals break down how training has changed, the benefits, and tips for new yacht crew.

Avoiding Charter Burnout   Whether you're on a charter vessel or not, it's important to avoid burnout. We spoke to eight crewmembers who shared their best tips to actively practice self-care to remain refreshed.

Insight from the Other Side   Superyacht crew know a vessel better than almost anyone else, second to the designers. Three former yachties who got into yacht design share how they balance between fashion and function.

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October 2019

A Clean Bill of Health   Remedying ailments while at sea can be difficult. Several medical professionals shared the most common crew medical issues, along with how to prevent, identify, and treat them.

The Dayworker Dilemma   Maritime insurance experts explain the nuances and legalities of dayworking, and crew agents advise on how to smartly look for daywork.

Got Wine?   As boats get larger and more technologically savvy, the onboard wine collection has followed suit. Wine professionals share the basics for caring for, building a collection, and managing it all.

The Rotation Equation   For some crew, a rotational role is the dream, but is it really as great as it seems? Captains and crew discuss their experiences with rotation on board — both the good and the bad.

Don't Say a Word   Most crew employment contracts have some level of a confidentiality agreement. Experts break down the NDA and the risks involved when it's violated.

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September 2019

What's in Your Wallet?   The results from the Dockwalk Salary Survey are in! Crew agents also share the current trends in the job market and offer tips to put your best foot forward when job hunting.

The Marvel of Monaco   The 2019 Monaco Yacht Show will once again dazzle and amaze when it takes over Port Hercules. Check out our guide to the show for the worldwide debuts, events to attend, and more.

Safe & Secure   As careful as you are, the risk of being subject to an attack will never be zero. Maritime security experts share the top five concerns facing the industry and how to mitigate the threats.

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August 2019

Time Off with a Difference   Downtime never seems to last long enough. From giving back in a local community to traveling sustainably, we’ve got a variety of ways to spend your prized vacation time.

The 12 Q's of Medical Preparedness   When it comes to accidents and emergencies, there is no such thing as being overly prepared. Experts share a checklist for medical preparedness that all crew should know before any trip.

Droning On   Drones have progressed far from merely capturing aerial videos. Find out about the latest drone innovations, along with best practices and piloting tips from the experts.

Special: Refit   Check out our special for tips to maintaining order during a refit, what to know about improving onboard power management, plus a behind-the-scenes look at recently refitted vessels.

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July 2019

Playing by the Rules   Visas are essential and complicated when you're crew. Make sure you're following the letter of the law when it comes to your visas. See what experts have to say about immigration issues.

Along for the Ride   Keep it light and incident-free with water toys. See what safety authorities have to say about six popular water activities ranging from waterskiing to PWCs and paddleboarding.

Fuel for Thought   A bad fuel experience can be an expensive proposition on a superyacht. Keep things easy and straightforward with these bunkering tips before filling up.

Special: Tenders & Toys   2019 has been a supercool year for superyacht toys and tenders. We cover 15 of the newest and greatest models. See the must-have innovations that you and your guests won't want to miss.

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June 2019

10 Truths About Tips   Captains and crew may work incredibly hard, but they aren't always rewarded for their efforts. Several industry insiders share their 10 tips to remember when thinking of the bottom line.

The Struggle with Mental Health   There's no more intense occupation than working aboard a yacht as crew. Experts weigh in on creating coping skills, what to do as crew when you need help, and why self-compassion is vital.

Shades of Black and Gray   S#@% happens — even in the superyacht world. Read up on the latest wastewater treatment systems, common misconceptions, and environmental regulations you need to understand.

Event: A Feadship Crew Party   Feadship America threw a fantastic inaugural party at Rybovich Superyacht Marina in West Palm Beach on April 10. About 80 captains and crewmembers attended the "First Annual Feadship Crew Appreciation Barbecue."

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May 2019

Drink Up!   The technology has evolved to be able to fill watertanks with highly purified water. Learn more about the latest watermakers, keeping tanks clean, and filtering water post tank.

Hitting the Water   Hear from crew agents and experts about how beneficial these watersports skills really are and how far you should go to get them.

Driving Forward   The industry's experts and captains break down the differences between maritime propulsion methods and what the future may hold for propulsion in yachting.

Follow the Leader   Leadership skills take time and dedication to build and practice to hone them in. Check out these 10 leadership tips to build stronger skills on board.

Marina Marvels   Read up on marina security, those marinas who go the extra mile for crew, water-based activities near 12 marines, and the latest in marina news.

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April 2019

Fixing the Plastic Problem   Companies, organizations, and individuals are all stepping up to reduce consumption and waste. Find out more about their efforts and what crew can do to play their part.

Losing Your Religion?   Crew share their struggles to maintain their religion and spirituality, along with the creative ways they've used to incorporate it into their lives on board.

Fueling Efficiency   Find out what problems have to be solved for hydrogen to lead a new fuel revolution, and what's happening in the superyacht industry that could make it possible.

Skeletons in the Closet   Crew agencies and captains share some close calls during reference and background checks, red flags, and what to verify when hiring.

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March 2019

Waste Not, Want Not?   Three yacht chefs weigh in on ways to curb the issue of food waste on board from one-off creative meals to storing perishables.

Sharpen Your Tools!   Learn how you can create a curated portfolio that helps you set yourself apart from the other applicants with tips from chefs and crew agents.

Flags in Flight   Industry experts share the elements to keep in mind when making a decision on a flag registry, the state of continually evolving registry programs, and how flag states affect crew.

Event: The Taste of Success   All crew were on deck to help showcase the chefs' efforts to create an unforgettable New Year's Eve Dinner Party theme. See which chefs claimed the gold at the 2018 Antigua Concours de Chef.

Paint Special   Check out our paint special for the lowdown on a new Awlgrip paint, how crew can prep for a paint job, and six superyachts with bold paint jobs.

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February 2019

A Fine Art   Experts share the best methods for determining art placement, security, and maintenance.

Happily Ever After   Several yachting couples share their stories, experiences, and how they manage their lives together.

Navigating Sea Service   Industry experts share the mistakes to avoid, how MIN 543 affects crew, and tips for a painless verification process.

Event: Fun in the Sun   Check out our Antigua Charter Yacht Show coverage to see what you missed, including beautiful boats, sunshine, and lots of crew fun.

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January 2019

The Business of Yachting   See what 2019 has in store for boatbuilders in the Global Order Book and how it will affect the crew job market.

The Wonders of Wine   Experts weigh in on enhancing your career with wine courses and selecting the right certification and courses for your desires and schedule.

Superyacht, Sans Crew?   Are we facing the possibility of the autonomous superyacht? Some argue that the industry’s personal service-driven requirements will keep crew employed, but is it only a matter of time?

Storm Prep   Experts share their advice on navigating the yachting landscape, how to manage your risk, and prepare for the coming changes.

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