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December 2022

Thanks for the Memories   These days, most yachts have the equipment needed for an amazing video or stunning photos. Several photographers and crew share their insights into striking the balance with guests and creating a memorable masterpiece that entices them to return.

The Accident Aftermath   One crewmember who was injured on the job shares what he learned in the aftermath. Between juggling injury, rehabilitation, and dealing with the boat and insurance, his advice will help get you organized and prepare you for a speedy return.

FLIBS Shines Bright   The 2022 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show took the docks by storm. It was a frenetic few days filled with hot weather, hot yachts, and good times. Find out what you missed.

The Captains’ Club Meets at FLIBS   The first FLIBS Captains’ Club event took place on October 27 aboard Sunreef Yachts’ M/Y Ellen’s Dream. Captains were invited for an evening under the stars. Check out our photos from the night.

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November 2022

The Name and Shame Game   The act of naming and shaming may not be new, but the Internet has made it easier. But just because you can doesn't mean you should. Experts discuss naming and shaming other crew, yachts, and owners on social media, whether anonymously or not, the potential legal consequences, and possible financial repercussions.

FLIBS Ramps Up   The 63rd annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will once again attract visitors from near and far. From events returning to the list of attending yachts, check out our show preview. 

Playing with Fire   Yacht fires are always a tragedy and recent reports have highlighted a new threat: lithium-ion batteries.  While it's a complicated issue, one working group is beginning to assess the risks and create a potential training plan to improve industry knowledge. 

Moving in the Right Direction   The 2022 Monaco Yacht Show came and went in a blink of an eye. With a number of worldwide debuts and new products on display, there was no shortage of things to see. Find out what went down. 

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October 2022

Where the Chefs Go   To satisfy any food craving, who better to tell you where to go than a chef? For a meal you’ll always remember or markets with the freshest produce and meats, turn to the pros. For some of the best places to wow your taste buds, the yacht chefs share their favorite culinary hotspots in the Med.

Color the World  Perhaps there’s nothing as noticeable on a yacht than her paint. Yacht coating companies continuously work to increase durability and reduce environmental impact while maintaining high gloss and depth of image. Industry experts discuss the latest products and trends in superyacht coatings.

Capt. Gavin George Hurn  After leaving school at 17 and then working an interior design internship, Capt. Gavin George Hurn took a break to go sailing. The M/Y Hospitality captain shares how he ended up in yachting, one of his memorable experiences on board, plus his tip for captains and keeping guests entertained in poor weather.

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September 2022

Opportunity Knocks   The results from the 2022 annual Dockwalk Salary Survey are now in, along with data shared by crew agencies. Crew agents share the latest recruitment trends, how the pandemic and vaccines have affected the crew market and opportunities, positions in demand, and trends in rotation.

Sparkling in Monaco  The 2022 Monaco Yacht Show will once again take over Port Hercule with all its glitz and glamour. With new and reimagined exhibitions that focus on innovations in yachting to crew events to vessels making their worldwide debuts, check out our show preview to make the most of your time.

Holding Steady  During this global uncertainty, high inflation, and rising consumer prices, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to spend and invest your hard-earned money. Financial experts discuss how to handle investing in these times, the potential of a recession, and how to find the right financial planner.

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August 2022

Follow the Fun   If you’re lucky enough to find yourself able to take a few days off, a festival could be an excellent place to blow off some steam, enjoy the arts, and/or indulge in delicious food. Check out our guide to the best August festivals, plus a few to attend later in the fall.

Mind the Step   No matter the industry, fatigue and rest can play a role in how tasks get completed, plus crew have the added pressure of wanting to please the guests on top of long work hours. Captains and crew share their experiences with accidents on board, the process of reporting them, and how crew are protected in these circumstances.

Small but Mighty   For four days, Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard hosted about 100 crewmembers for the 2022 Newport Charter Yacht Show with days filled with competitions, fun, and great weather. Find out which crew impressed the judges and show attendees to win some accolades.

Special: Refit   Embarking on a refit project is quite similar to a journey off the beaten path — planning, having the right team, and trying to prepare in case the worst-case scenario happens. Check out our special for how refit yards are upping their game, ensuring the proper insurance policies are in place, and the transformations of All In and Alta.

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July 2022

Teenage Dreams   Notorious for being in their own worlds and typically not wanting anything to do with anyone outside their age group, teenagers can be a tough bunch. Charter experts offer up their suggestions to keep teens busy and inspired on and off the yacht.

Bridge to the Future  New technology and desgin innovations emerge year after year, changing the way the modern yacht and bridge is imagined. Architects and industry experts discuss the hidden bridge and smart tech, along with how they will enhance operations on board.

Special: Tenders and Toys   There’s nothing quite like soaking up the summer rays on a great tender or toy. Dockwalk has rounded up this year’s highlights of the market that will be enjoyable on the water all year, no matter your location.

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June 2022

Shades of Green   Looking at the labels of cleaning products can provide some insight into how environmentally friendly the product is — if you know how to read it. Eco and yachting experts share how to decode the labels and terminology and find clean products.

Superyacht Sustainability   As technology and products continue to improve, they are also being developed with consideration of their environmental impact. Industry professionals discuss how they’re tackling the challenge throughout the yacht’s life cycle, including design, construction, and operation.

Event: Chefs Battle for Supremacy   For the Yacht Club de Monaco’s Superyacht Chef competition, nine chefs had to craft a dish from a basket of mystery ingredients and were penalized for any left unused per the new anti-waste criteria. Read more about Chef Nicolas Petit of M/Y Latitude’s winning plate.

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May 2022

Get Down to Business   Crewmembers around the world have found success opening their own businesses, and they weighed in on what they learned in the process and offered their advice for those looking to get a start in entrepreneurship.

Sizing Them Up   When it comes to being a crewmember, beginning on smaller or larger boats can affect the experience and skills picked up on the job. Industry experts and crew discuss the differences and if yacht size truly matters to your career advancement opportunities.

Marina Special   Check out this issue’s marina special where crew share the characteristics of their perfect marina, the latest in marina news, and get insight into our global marina and destination guide Superports.

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April 2022

The Feel-Good Factor   Yacht uniforms have not changed much design or aesthetic wise, but they’ve advanced through improved comfort and enhanced durability and sustainability. Some of the industry’s top uniform companies share the latest trends and innovations, along with what’s on the horizon for crew uniforms.

The Shipping Blues   Here’s what you need to know to plan your next yacht transport, including different options and how the process has changed. PSA: Booking early is more important than ever and the cost has also increased dramatically.

Captains’ Club Spotlight   Now at the helm of 43-meter Sanlorenzo M/Y Globas, Capt. James Johnson was a keen sailor early on. He reveals his other passion, favorite cruising destination, and most memorable moment on board.

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March 2022

Going Virtual     Here’s the breakdown of the history of crypto and NFTs, their rise, and what you should know before spending your hard-earned money on these virtual assets.

Safety on Deck     From knowing what tasks need particular attention and running deck safety drills to the overlooked matters on board, captains and crew share their experiences on deck and advice for preventing accidents.

Captains’ Club: Capt. Marcus Desaunois     At the helm of 47-meter M/Y LARS, Capt. Marcus Desaunois shares the elements in his life that led him to yachting and his industry insights, including his trick for keeping guests entertained and his biggest crew challenge.

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February 2022

The Love Boat   Whether it’s working and living together aboard the same vessel or juggling changing schedules and distance, crew have to learn and adjust to make their relationships work. Several couples share their struggles, tips for creating stronger relationships and careers, along with advice on how not to be that couple on board.

Rotation on the Rise  Between high crew turnover and people reassessing their priorities, there’s been a fast-growing trend of rotation requests and yachts working to improve their packages to improve retention. Industry experts provide their insight and provide tips to making a rotational program run smoothly.

Captains’ Club: Capt. William Beez Evans   He shares his insights into the yachting industry, including his journey to becoming a captain, his love for the Virgin Islands, plus his favorites spots to explore and dive. 

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January 2022

Rising Above the Turmoil   While the effects of the pandemic delayed and complicated yacht production, the industry is bouncing back. BOAT International Media's annual Global Order Book shows this year's trends from info from the top-tier builders to active shipyards, read about the state of the industry and its outlook.

Preparing for Difficult Passages   No matter how ruggedly built and well-equipped a yacht may be, it's the captain's planning that makes all the difference. Captains share their tips for preparing for a tough passage, from weather routing to hiring a local guide and sourcing fresh produce.

FLIBS: Moving Forward   With some people skipping last year's show, the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show saw the return of attendees and events, along with some making their debuts. Check out our coverage and photos from the show and beyond. 

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