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December 2012

Adventure Charters

Experience the ends of the earth — captains share their secrets to remote chartering.

Secret Origins

Does it matter where your food originates or how it makes its way to the galley?

Power Play

Clean, efficient power — dual-fuel and LNG generators may provide the answer.

Losing Your License

Slipped up on shore? How much can those sins affect your yachting license?

Come Hell or High Water

The 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

November 2012

Family Matters

A yachting career and domestic bliss? Several families share how they make it work.

Harassment at Sea

Sexual harassment often goes unreported — know your rights and be protected.

Camera Ready

Veteran photographers share tips on how to prep the boat to create the perfect photo shoot.

Picture Perfect

Learn how to best take advantage of your camera to capture that perfect shot.

Flying the Flag

Make sure you really understand what you’re signing up for before hoisting a flag.

Danger by Design

Some yacht design trends can be dangerous for crew — check out these terrifying tales.

Plus Undercurrents and more…

October 2012

Art Ahoy

Carrying fine art on board comes with a specific set of concerns — read the experts’ tips.

More than Memories

There are more options for charter giveaways than ever… just think outside the box.

Are You Going to San Francisco?

The 2013 America’s Cup regatta series adds a side of superyacht fun.

FLIBS, version 2.0

Don’t miss Dockwalk’s 2012 FLIBS guide to the boats, events and parties.

Mind the Gap

Is crew training measuring up to the challenges of the industry?

Power Plan

The Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) soon will be enforced. Are you ready?

Plus Undercurrents and more…

September 2012

Money Matters

More than 1,800 captains and crew helped us compile our annual salary survey.

Crew Programs that Work

Several captains share their tips for keeping crew content…and on board.

Fifty Shades of Red

Know more about the pour — heed these tips to knowing Old and New World reds.

The Magic of Monaco

Don’t step foot on the quay without Dockwalk’s 2012 Monaco Yacht Show preview.

Roll Control

Keeping the yacht stable in all conditions is a challenge not to be taken lightly.

SWATH: Yachting’s Next Big Thing?

Increased stability and volume could make SWATHs every charterer’s dream boat.

Plus: Boat International Media’s 2012 Rendezvous in Monaco & Undercurrents and more...

August 2012

Crafting a New Interior

Crew know best when it comes to owner preferences. Several interior crewmembers offer first-hand knowledge of the yacht-outfitting process.

Trend Setting

Designers and crew share their tips for the care and maintenance of today’s most coveted design materials.

Responsible Refits

Truth: refits can be more harmful to the environment than cruising. Some yards are jumping onto the green bandwagon to help make a difference.

Refit Management

Refits can go wrong, and it happens more than anyone may like to admit. Several yards and captains offer their top tips to best manage the refit process.

The 2012 Loro Piana Regatta & Undercurrents and more...

July 2012

The Gourmet Guide to San Diego

Don’t miss these chef-recommended farmer’s markets, gourmet stores and more.

Hoarding on the High Seas

From their most coveted items to the extremes they go to stockpile them, 100 chefs spill their hoarding secrets.

Come Aboard, All Ye Faithful

Successful charters with religious guests may require a little extra preparation.

The Age of Enlightenment

Both art and science: LED technology lights a new wave in design and energy efficiency.

Engine Room Evolution

New, stricter MARPOL emissions regulations could mean big changes for the engine room.

Plus: The 2012 MYBA Charter Show & and Undercurrents and more…

June 2012

Sense and Security

New technology has made yachts vulnerable to even more threats, not just marauding pirates. Make sure your vessel’s limitations are covered.

Crisis Control

Just as important as the precautionary safety measures are the crew’s reactions to minimize damage if something goes amiss on board. Are your crew prepared for the aftermath?


The 2012 class of tenders and toys make a splash — check out what your garage is missing.

High-Power Hybrid

While hybrid-power propulsion systems may not come standard on yachts…yet, new advances in battery technology soon will put the option on the table.

Plus: The 2012 Westrec Captain and Crew Appreciation Party & The 2012 Antibes Charter Show & Undercurrents and more…

May 2012

Making the Most of Marina Time

Marina staff weigh in on how best to maximize your downtime in yachting’s most exotic ports of call.

Battling the Budget

Four chefs share their tips for balancing the scales between budgets and provisioning for both crew and guest.

Management Made Easy

Have today’s digital advancements replaced the shore-side yacht manager?

Chasing Your Pay

You left the boat, and now you’re missing your pay. So what is your recourse if you end up sans wages?

PLUS: The Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous & The 2012 Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster & Undercurrents and more…

April 2012

Oceans of Uncertainty

How close are we to throwing off the delicate ecological balance of life on earth?

How Well Do You Really Know Your Crewmate?

Hiring crew without a criminal background check may be the first step toward disaster.

The New Standards of Onboard Entertainment

With an onslaught in new technology, how do captains choose the systems with the most lasting power?

Manipulating Molecules

Materials science meets yachting as nanotechnology gains a larger foothold in the industry.

The Miami boat show & News & Gear green gear & Undercurrents and more…

March 2012

6 Star Service

Interior crew spill the secrets to their service success.

Across the Great Divide

Captains share their essential transoceanic checklists. Are you prepared?

Fueling the Future

Are biofuel alternatives truly a viable option for superyachts?

Tending to Tenders

Each tender storage design configuration offers both challenges and hazards for the crew.

PLUS: Antigua’s Concours de Chef & Undercurrents and more…

February 2012

Medic Alert

Get the scoop on the top 10 medical devices the experts recommend carrying on board.

Divine Diving

Captains and crew share their favorite under-the-sea exploration sites

Game Changers

New innovations in paint are proving not only cost effective, but are also greener than ever.

Wet & Wild

As water toys become bigger, faster and more dangerous, captains are forced to consider their liability. 

PLUS: Antigua’s Golden Anniversary & Undercurrents and more…

January 2012

Going to the Games: Don’t miss the XXX Olympiad action in London in 2012. Are you ready to tame the Thames?

Caribbean Cruising: The latest immigration and security updates from down island

Building the Dream: New-build contract negotiation is vital — make sure these terms are clearly outlined.

The After-Sales Solution: After the vessel launch, follow the proper protocol to keep your warranties intact.

PLUS: The Marvels at METS & Undercurrents and more…