On the Job

15 Reasons Why you Deserve a Raise

We know you’re a hard worker, but are you being taken advantage of? If any of these scenarios ring true, it might be time to ask for a raise.



Vessel Stability Training Requirements and Criteria

Vessel stability is important to understand and a vital component to safely operating your vessel. Here's a breakdown of the training and assessment criteria for both the operational and management level of mariners.

Importance of Properly Training to Safely Use Radar

There's a few skills you need to have to ensure you're safely using radar and ARPA systems.

Here’s the Yachting Regulatory Changes that Happened in 2021

Have a look back at the regulatory changes affecting our industry from this past year.

Updating Master’s for STCW Compliance

Read more about the process for endorsing your Domestic Master’s license to become STCW-compliant.

What’s New in Yacht Crew Training and What’s to Come

Several seasoned crew training experts discuss why this hybrid teaching style might be the revolutionary change we've needed.

How to Build an Interior Dream Team

The interior team still struggles to garner the respect and training necessary to take their profession to the next level.

FarSounder’s New Training Classes Cater to Crew

FarSounder released their two newest training courses, Technician Training and End User Training. Crew can access these online at their convenience.