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December 2015

Bridging the Cultural Divide

Learn how to navigate the dos and don’ts between different nationalities.

Liquid Refreshment

Build your bar skills with cocktail tips from The Roaming Mixologist, Chief Stewardess Jasmin Rutter.

High Maintenance

Experts weigh in on establishing a workable maintenance plan on board.

Safety Check

Watersports aren’t all fun and games; establish safeguards the right way.

Plus: The 2015 Awlgrip Captains’ Golf Invitational & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

November 2015

Raise Your Game

Make the most of cross-training with these tips.

The Bottom of the Bottle

Get the lowdown on substance abuse, from admitting addiction to getting help.

The Biggest Show in Town

Find out what’s in store for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show’s 56th year.

Managing the Money

Experts weigh in on how to best tackle the yacht’s finances.

The Danger Zone

A yachting job isn’t without dangers. Are you fully prepared for the risks?

As the Prop Turns

Dealing with propeller damage and replacement.

Plus: The 2015 Monaco Yacht Show & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

October 2015

The Superior Interior

Set the standard for guest entertainment with these tips for unforgettable theme nights and tablescapes.

Paradise Regained

With thawing Cuba-U.S. relations, find out what you should know before casting off to the land of hand-rolled cigars and rum.

Unsolved Mysteries

These stories of the Bermuda Triangle are sure to send a few shivers down your spine.

Two Hands on the Wheel

Experts weigh in on how to make the most of the captain/pilot relationship.

Access Denied

Get through U.S. immigration smoothly with this lowdown on the B1/B2 visa.

A New Dimension

Has the technology advanced enough to see printers on board? Learn the implications of 3D printing in yachting.

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

September 2015

Sticking with the Program

Get the lowdown on all things wages and the financial forecast for 2016, plus the 2015 Dockwalk Salary Survey.

Closing the Gender Gap

Is the gender barrier in the industry finally disappearing?

Celebrating Monaco’s Silver Jubilee

Get the guide to the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, including the Dockwalk Captains’ Hideout!

From East to West

Heading from the Med to the Caribbean? Gear up for the transatlantic passage with these tips.

The Aftermath

The experts weigh in on the proper procedures for managing a crisis.

Build Your Own Boat

Captains from some of the world’s greatest yachts share their idea of the perfect vessel.

Plus: The Superyacht Rendezvous Monaco & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

August 2015

Patching it Up

Keep both your first aid skills and onboard medical kit up to par.

Something’s Fishy

Seafood fraud is a global problem. Make sure you know what’s really in your galley before you serve your guests…and crew.

Cover Your Asset

Make sure everyone involved in a refit project is properly insured and protected from the unexpected.

Power Play

What alternative power sources are really feasible in the superyacht world?

Plus: The 2015 Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

July 2015

Big Fun, Small Packages

Fast, fun and fully loaded — amp up playtime with the latest tenders and toys.

Staying Fit On the Water

Make the ocean your gym. These water workouts will have you fit in no time.


Is your STCW fire training enough? Experts weigh in on what you really need to know.

Ready for Inspection

Find out from those in the know how best to prepare and what to expect for a port state control visit.

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

June 2015

The Art of Freelancing

Looking for freedom and flexibility in your career? Learn how to make freelancing work for you.

Reef Renaissance

Find out how an accidental discovery has big implications for reef restoration.

A Higher Power

Experts weigh in on the future of the hybrid yacht — and its possibilities just may be limitless.

Safe & Secure?

Just what dangers lie ahead for superyachts in the Med this season?

Plus: The 2015 Westrec Captain and Crew Appreciation Party & The 2015 MYBA Charter Show & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

May 2015

Marina Mojo

These marina gems promise to check off most of the crew benefits on your wish list.

Changes in Latitude

Find out what you need to know about the Polar Code before your Arctic adventure.

Heavy Weather

Prepare for the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season with tips from professionals and hurricane survivors themselves.

Breaking Glass Boundaries

The experts debate the benefits and challenges of working with glass in superyacht design.

Plus: The 2015 Loro Piana Caribbean Regatta & Rendezvous & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

April 2015

Exit Strategies

Capitalize on yachting’s opportunities to bolster your retirement fund.

Up in Smoke

What does the U.S. trend toward legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana mean for the maritime world?

Talking Trash

Get the facts about waste on board and create a garbage management strategy.

There's Fuel in That Algae

Is algae’s reputation changing? The engineer’s old fuel nemesis begins to show its better nature.

Plus: The 15th Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

March 2015

Top Chefs

Spice it up in the galley with some celebrity help — on board and ashore.

Grape Expectations

Take your guests’ senses to new heights by mastering the art of wine and food pairings.

Building the Future Bridges

The experts look to the future of bridge design and explore its possibilities and challenges.

Tuning Out

Will the tuned mass damper finally make inroads into the superyacht world?

Plus: The 2014 Antigua Concours de Chef & Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

February 2015

A New Age of Wellness

Show your guests a whole new meaning to healthy living.

Sun Science

Stop ignoring the warnings and face the facts: the sun isn’t your friend. Find out what you need to know.

Exercising the Options

Experts weigh in on the keys to successfully designing a gym into a refit.

Now, That’s Class

Your guide to classification societies starts here.

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

January 2015

Call to Order

Find out what the ShowBoats International Global Order Book forecast is for 2015 and what the numbers mean for the crew job market.


Yachting experts weigh in on the actual risks of exposure to Ebola and what crew can do to prevent it and other infectious diseases from coming on board.


These big toys offer a whole new level of entertainment and will leave your guests craving more.

Helicopter Rescue

A rescue at sea is complicated business. Is your crew prepared?

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more