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December 2010

The Art of Networking   In yachting, making – and maintaining – good contacts is vital whether you’re job hunting or happily employed.

Dealing with Dementia   Tips for fostering a better work environment if the boss’s mental health is failing

What’s Your Beef?   A global beef-buying guide for chefs

A Decade of Superyachting   Counting down the top technological achievements of the last 10 years

10 Ways to Prevent a Pirate Attack   Security experts share their guidelines for protecting the vessel and crew

November 2010

The Writ of Responsibility   The truths concerning drinking in the industry may surprise you.

The Bottle Battle   Can guests – and crew – be persuaded to turn from fancy, name-brand water to the water tank?

Dayworker Survivor   A reality TV approach to hiring new crew

The Good, the Bad and the Impossible   The MLC, 2006 – is there a silver lining for the industry in the coming regulations?

Not so Black and White   Graywater discharge regulations and treatment are murky areas for many.

Running in Place   Is the superyacht industry taking full advantage of dynamic positioning capabilities?

October 2010

The Perfect Fit   Captains reveal their time-tested interview techniques for finding the perfect crewmember.

Watch Out   Is the latest integrated bridge technology a help or a hindrance?

Be an Attention Grabber!   Ensure your CV hits all the right notes to get you to the job interview.

Are You a Guest-in-Training?   As crew, are you guilty of indulging these guest habits?

Where the Yachts Are, 2010   The yachts, the parties, the events – the FLIBS crew calendar is busier than ever

Not Your Typical Tender Training   Training crew to handle helicopter and submersible operations pays dividends beyond just safety

September 2010

The New Normal   More than 800 crew weighed in to help compile the 2010 salary figures – how does yours compare?

Welcome to the Big Leagues   Commercial versus private registry: How are crew affected?

The Gourmet Guide to Palma   Provision with ease with these chef-recommended delights and delicacies of Palma

Score One for Monaco   The scoop on the new yachts, the hottest parties and the must-do crew events at the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show

When Size Matters – Managing Bandwidth   How to get the most out of your monthly or per-megabyte money

August 2010

Off Beat   Three captains share the challenges and highlights of exploring the Amazon River, the Norwegian Fjords and northern Russia.

Show Me the Money   From offshore banking to paying taxes, globetrotting crew face a unique set of financial challenges.

Green Refits – Conscience vs. Cost   Will retrofitting green technology pay off in the long run?

A Captain’s Guide to Underwater Repairs   Today’s technology for class-approved underwater repairs offers more options for captains.

Declassified!   Avoid “suspension of class” during a refit by following these guidelines.

July 2010

The Dirt from Down Under   The buzz from Australia and New Zealand is positive as training options and resources continue to grow.

Building a Long-term Relationship   Three captains and owners share their secrets for a long and happy coexistence.

Technology Sails Forward   Emerging technology from the sailing community has far-reaching implications for the industry.

Off the Deep End   Busting the myths surrounding the operation of yacht-based recreational submersibles

What Went Wrong   Behind the sinking of 124-foot Princess Gigi

June 2010

Reading the Fine Print   Tips to understanding and negotiating your crew contract

Educating the Owner   Great owners aren’t born, they grow into it. Captains and crew can help.

The New Generation of Engineers   The IMO takes a closer look at the ETO role – how will it handle training and certification?

Perfecting Propulsion   Is it time for major advancement in the propulsion field?

What Went Wrong   Collision in fog: how radar contributed

May 2010

The Gourmet Guide to Barcelona   Make the most of the city’s rich Catalonian tradition with these chef-recommended shops, markets and provisioning.

Let Me In   Schengen visas, Seaman’s books or residency permits – learn what you need to navigate the Schengen Area this Med season.

Safety Under Sail   Sailing yacht captains share their tricks for ensuring superyacht sailing remains a safe sport under all conditions.

And an LED to Steer Her By   The paperless bridge has arrived – but not without some ECDIS hiccups.

Collision with a Container   Capt. Bill Coursen shares his tale of a harrowing rescue at sea.

April 2010

A/C Regulations Heat Up   Changes sparked by the Montreal Protocol went into effect January 1, 2010 – is your engineer up to speed?

All Hooked Up   Looking for seclusion in the Med? Seven captains share their favorite, out-of-the-way anchorages.

Pillow Talk in Antibes   Crew houses offer far more than just a bed these days. Check out these Antibes options.

The Time of Your Life   Crewing isn’t a job – it’s a travel escapade. So how will you remember it?

Pirates in the Gulf of Aden   Linda Lou’s Capt. Michael Schueler shares the story of their very close call.

March 2010

What NOT to Do   Heed advice from 41 captains and crew who share the biggest mistakes of their yachting careers.

Clean Power   The push for more efficient, cleaner power may result in ultra-low-emission gas turbines.

Taking Charge of Certification   Are certification standards dictated by industry consensus, not flag state requirements?

Haitian Food and Supplies Drop   Interview with Capt. Walter Rowan

Antigua Concours de Chef   The chefs put on a show

Safety Rules   Practical tips for Dockwise riders

February 2010

The Positive Attitude Stimulus Package   How crew can affect the future of yachting

Out of the Frying Pan…   Are yachts safer since the IMO mandated firefighting training for crew?

The Next Generation of Crew Accommodation   First look at spacious crew quarters built to MLC, 2006 regulations

Dangers of the Deep   While you can’t predict every diving eventuality or emergency, you can be prepared.

Ask Amy   Dockwalk’s licensing expert details the massive licensing changes proposed by the USCG

January 2010

Agent Fees: Are you getting a fair deal?   The lack of transparency of agent fees makes some captains question the hidden cost of convenience.

8 Things Guests Hate about Yachting   Tips to fix common guests’ problems before the charter is ruined

Have Cash – Will Travel   A yachtie’s “bucket list” – 11 unique adventures to have while you’re flush and mobile

Total Integration   In the fast-changing world of entertainment electronics, is your vessel up to technological snuff?

Tender Tragedies   Why the tender is NOT a toy