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December 2013

Charter Champs

A little crew ingenuity can turn disaster into delight — several captains and crew share their would-be-nightmare-turned-save-the-day charter stories.

Capturing What Lies Beneath

Fancy yourself an underwater photographer? Up your game by checking out these tip from a seasoned underwater nature photographer.

Uncharted Territory

As the world relies more on GPS technology, the marine industry is not immune to cyber vulnerability. But are paper charts the solution

Analyze That

New technological advances and oil analysis can offer engineers even more knowledge on the yacht's health — Here’s what you need to know

Plus: The 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show & Undercurrents and more…

November 2013

Emergency Training

Crew training is essential, but the divide between large-yacht mandated training and small-yacht training can be devastating.

A Different Route

Planning to remain in the industry for the long haul? Consider one of these “alternative training” schemes and potentially fast track your career.

Wear & Tear

Yachting is both physically and mentally tough. Learn how to the prevent wear and tear caused by crewing to ensure a healthy future.

Emergency Rooms at Sea

As many yachts travel farther afield, the trend for onboard emergency rooms with medically trained crew could be the difference between life and death.


The helicopter trend on yachts offers a dangerous combination of elements. Several experts weigh in on how safety can be improved.

Eco Yachting — Fact or Fiction?

Ease the owner’s (and crew’s) eco-conscience by checking out some of these products that really can help reduce a yacht’s eco-footprint.

Plus: Undercurrents and more…

September 2013


Dockwalk’s annual Salary Survey yielded impressive results. Check them out!

The Beginner’s Guide to Fiscal Fitness

You may want to heed this advice from financial experts if you ever want to retire from yachting rich.

Get Real!

Yachting’s taken to the small screen with Bravo’s Below Deck. But how much of the drama is legit?

Make it to Monaco

Check out our 2013 MYS preview to get the scoop on who’s there and which events to check out.  

Bridging the Gap

The integrated bridge is standard these days, but what does that really mean? Get the scoop!

Clearing the Air

No one likes a stinky boat; find out why mold may be one of the greatest threats to yacht interiors. 

Plus: The 2013 Rendezvous in Monaco & Undercurrents and more…

August 2013

The Picture of Health

Crew health insurance is paramount. Find out how much MLC, 2006 regs and U.S. national healthcare initiatives could affect crew.

When Disaster Strikes

Small mishaps can add up to charter disasters. These true scenarios show how some ingenious crew used creativity to get out of a pickle on board.

Ready for Refit

Refits are a necessary evil of yachting. Heed this advice from seasoned refit captains, yards and experts to ensure your refit runs smoothly.

Office Space 

So the owner wants to bring his work with him. No problem…as long as your vessel is properly kitted out and connected.

Plus: The 2013 Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta & Undercurrents and more…

July 2013

Tenders & Toys

Check out our list of new-to-the-market tenders and toys you may want to add to your arsenal.

Searching for the One

Just how difficult is it to secure that ostensibly elusive couple’s job? Crew, captains and agents set the score.

10 Tips for Managing Crew

Several yacht captains and managers share tips for how to do it right and strike the balance between the iron fist and the velvet glove.

Piping Hot

As new emissions regulations come down the pipeline, there’s more to consider when it comes to your onboard exhaust system.

Plus: The 2013 MYBA Charter Show & Undercurrents and more

June 2013

Baby on Board

Kids on board can add to the charter craziness — but what if those kids belong to your crewmates?

Fitness Fanatics

A little imagination can go a long way to ensure you keep up your fitness routine on board.

Guns & Guards

Carrying arms could provide the necessary protection when cruising dangerous locales. But do the risks outweigh the rewards?

Staying Alert

Intuition and instinct have kept humans safe for centuries. Are your crew’s skills honed?

Plus: The Westrec Captain and Crew Appreciation Party & Camper & Nicholsons’ Unofficial Official Crew Bash & Undercurrents and more…

May 2013

A Safe Berth

When choosing a marina, are fire safety, ease of access and security at the top of your list? Find out why they should be.

Green Guardians

There’s a lot you can do in an effort to save the planet to ensure that yachting — and the earth — endures.

The Garbage Detail

New onboard trash regulations could cause quite a stink if you’re not prepared. Find out what you need to do to avoid potential fines.

Trending Green

As the “green” trend permeates all aspects of life, more environmentally friendly products and technology can help you do your part.

Plus: 2013 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous & 2013 Azimut Benetti Yachtmaster & Undercurrents and more…

April 2013

Opposites Attract

Reap the benefits of off-season cruising — several captains share their best tips.

Sell the Boat, Save Your Job

Some captains shudder to hear the owner say, “I’m buying another boat,” but this does not necessarily herald a job loss.

Catch the Vibe

Several specialist companies and yards investigate how best to minimize noise and vibration onboard.

Paper Boat

A yacht’s standing orders perform a vital function on board — but how much detail is truly essential?

Plus: The 2013 Miami boat show & Undercurrents and more

March 2013

Wellness on the Water

The ultimate in relaxation meets the ultimate in luxury as more spas are found on superyachts — read up on keeping those pampering places prepped and ready for five-star service.

Abandon Ship!

When the worst gets worse, one captain and his crew are faced with the most difficult decision at sea — stick it out or abandon ship.

Wing Swept

Are the racing world's revolutionary sail technologies trickling down into the superyacht world?

Into the Deep

Some might classify them as part of the yacht's "toy" arsenal, but operating personal submersibles takes a bit more know-how than the average PWC.

Plus: The Antigua Charter Yacht Show Concours de Chef & Undercurrents and more

February 2013

Salvage the Season

Heed these tips and tricks for making it over the mid-season hump.

Dangling the Carrot

Another owners’ trip? Captains share no-money motivators that keep crew performing.

Space Race

Communications technology is evolving at the speed of light, meaning better service for less.

Warranty Denied

Fuel additive proponents claim additives can save the environment and a buck, but could they void your engine warranty?

Plus: The Antigua Charter Yacht Show & Undercurrents and more

January 2013

Beyond the Tipping Point

Not knowing the difference between a tip and a bribe can land you in hot water.

Social Media — Tips and Slips

Social media can be a great tool, but beware — one hasty click could leave you jobless.

New Year, New You

Keep your 2013 resolutions by heeding these tips to help you ring in 2014 healthier and wealthier.


As the spool of red tape keeps on rolling, take note of these important changes coming your way.

Plus: Undercurrents and more