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December 2017

Dangerous (and Dirty) Duty  Here’s how to survive charter guests from hell.

Bloody but Unbowed  Find out what to expect post-hurricane this Caribbean charter season.

Managing Technology on Board  Learn how to manage the AV/IT system and entertainment on board.

Bringing Regularity to Regulation  The new Red Ensign Group (REG) Yacht Code is coming — here’s what you need to know.

Inside Scoop  Stews, this one’s for you. Get the inside scoop on all things yacht interior, from the design process to cleaning fabrics.

Plus: The 8th Riviera Yacht Support Golf Bonanza & The 13th Awlgrip Captains Golf Invitational & News & News & Gear

November 2017

Trained and True  Whether you’re starting out or building your career, learn what crew training you need to get ahead.

Confronting Cancer  Crewmembers who have suffered from cancer on board weigh in on how to deal.

A New Era  Get your guide to the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Due Diligence  Here’s what you need to know before signing that crew contract.

Denied Entry  As the U.S. tightens its borders, here’s how to handle the latest visa hurdles.

The Female Perspective  Four female superyacht captains share how they successfully made the transition from the deck to the wheelhouse.

Plus: The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show & News & News & Gear

October 2017

Surviving Your First Yacht Job  Before you plunge into yachting, read this first.

The Power of Love  Has the yachting industry become more welcoming of the LGBTQ community?

Plant Life  The experts break down how to take care of plants and flowers on board.

Security 2.0  Are your vessel’s defenses up to par?

The Connected Bridge  What does the next generation of glass bridges look like?

Got Survey Smarts?  Learn the art of the pre-purchase survey to guarantee a satisfied owner.

Money Talks  The ultimate guide to making you as finance savvy as possible.

Plus: News & News & Gear

September 2017

Dollars & Sense  The 2017 Dockwalk Salary Survey offers a new financial forecast. How does your pay stack up?

Cooking Confidences  Expert chefs offer tips on cooking for crew.

Monaco’s Bazaar  The 27th Monaco Yacht Show promises to be just as grand and lavish as ever — take a sneak peek.

Global Care  Telemedicine on board has evolved to become a standard safety measure on board — here’s what’s improved.

Commercial Compliance  Are you adequately prepared for a Port State Control inspection?

Plus: The Superyachts’ America’s Cup & News & News & Gear

August 2017

Adventure Awaits  You’ll want to put these 12 trips on your bucket list for your next downtime.

Myanmar on the Rise  Find out what you need to know before you go to yachting’s next hot spot.

Time is Money  Captains weigh in on how they manage crew vacation days.

Refitting Right  Are you ready for the overwhelming project of a yacht refit? Read our guide first.

Plus: The 2017 Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta & News & News & Gear

July 2017

Fit for Success  Your guide to staying healthy in 10 of yachting’s hotspots.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise  Find out exactly what you need to know to insure your health.

Love Me Tender, Love Me Toy  This just in: 2017’s newest and hottest tenders and toys.

Handling the Paparazzi  Keep the media at bay with these tips.

Plus: News & News & Gear

June 2017

Stewardess Survival Guide  These tips will help you make it through charter season with your grace and sanity intact.

Soothing the Senses  Create a stress-free environment by bringing this zen approach on board.

The Balance of Power  Are you balancing your power management systems efficiently?

On a Mission  These captains are making a difference around the world. Get inspired and find out how you can get involved.

Plus: The 17th annual Westrec Captain and Crew Appreciation Party & The 2017 MYBA Charter Show & The 2017 Palma Superyacht Show & News & News & Gear

May 2017

Don’t Bug Me!  Recognize, prevent, and halt an onboard bug invasion.

Sound Effects  Experts weigh in on how to mitigate the negative effects of sound waves and vibrational frequencies.

Expect the Unexpected  How should you prepare for unforeseen emergencies? Create an incident response plan with these tips.

Marina Madness  Find everything you need to know to decide where to dock, from favorite marinas around the world to marina tech.

Plus: The 2017 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous & News & News & Gear

April 2017

The Magnificent Med  Add these hidden gems to your bucket list.

Eco Warriors!  Crew are making an environmental difference on board and off. Get inspired to do the same.

Eco Fixes for a Low-Emission Future  Find out what technologies are on the horizon to reduce yachting’s global footprint.

The Perfect Engine Room  Engineers weigh in on what their ideal engine room looks like.

Landing the Job  Your guide to scoring your dream position is right here in this month’s recruitment special.

Plus: The 17th Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster & News & News & Gear

March 2017

Food Fight!  Navigate the chaos of provisioning with these tips.

Dare to Dine?  As food culture changes, are guests open to more adventurous dishes?

Outward Bound  Captains who have sailed to the world’s remote reaches share their advice on prepping for adventure cruising.

Crocodile Tiers  With Tier IV on the horizon, will engines be able to comply with the stringent regulations?

Pretty in Paint  From perfecting a paint job to vinyl wraps, get the scoop on all things paint in this special section.

Plus: The 17th Antigua Concours de Chef & News & News & Gear

February 2017

Looking the Part  Is hiring discrimination becoming a thing of the past?

The Politics of Personality  Address a personality clash the right way before it costs you your job.

Swallowing the Anchor  Contemplating moving ashore? Take a cue from captains who have done the same.

A Destabilizing Effect  Find out what’s being done to get stabilization balanced.

Plus: The 2016 Antigua Charter Yacht Show & News & News & Gear

January 2017

All in Order  The 2017 Global Order Book reveals the state of yachting and what it means for crew jobs.

Child’s Play  Do you know how to handle toddlers and babies on board?

Positively Charged  Just how positive — or negative — is the future of batteries?

AIS of the Organic Kind  Find out what you need to know about ballast water — the penalties are painful.

Plus: The 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show & News & News & Gear