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December 2014

Kid Friendly, to the Max

Chartering with children can be fun, yet challenging. Is your yacht kid friendly?

The Pressure Cooker

Several chefs offer their tips and tricks on how they get the job done.

Touch & Go

If the yacht is equipped with a helipad, is it really safe to land?

When Lightning Strikes

Experts share their advice on preparing for and handling a lightning strike.

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

November 2014

Interior Details

Are the tides finally changing for interior training? You be the judge.

Bucket List Bonanza

You’ll want to dive right into these 10 underwater adventures. 

Résumés: Get it Right and Get the Job

Crew agents offer résumé tips and tricks that will leave employers begging you for an interview.

The Human Element

Experts weigh in on the issues of human error and failure and how to circumvent them.

Miracle in the Marshall Islands

What does it really take to survive at sea?

Cracking Yachting’s Glass Ceiling

Is there a glass ceiling in yachting — and can breaking through be done? Several women share the secrets to their success.

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

October 2014

The Placement Game

Make the job search a little less painful with these tips about using crew agents from the crew agents themselves.

To Stay or Not to Stay?

Experts weigh in with their advice on when it’s time to jump ship.

A FLIBS Affair

Celebrate boat show season with our guide to the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, including the Dockwalk Captains’ Hideout!

Tempest in a Teacup?

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 was implemented a year ago. After all the upheaval and chaos it caused, where does the yachting industry stand today?

Fire-able or Fixable?

Captains and industry experts debate fire-able crew offenses, but the results may not be so black and white.

The Passenger Yacht Code

How does this new set of regulations affect the increasing size of yachts and, most importantly, the crew?

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

September 2014

The Bottom Line

Check out the salary trends and tables from Dockwalk’s 2014 Salary Survey. 

The 10 Commandments

Are you guilty of these crew sins?

The Countdown to Monaco

Get our guide the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show, including the Dockwalk Captains’ Hideout!

Yachting Security's Triple Threat

Are you prepared to face these security risks? 


Learn more about the technology behind exhaust treatment processes. 

The Varnished Truth

How are the new-generation varnish products measuring up?

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

August 2014

Escape Artist

Work hard, play hard. Where will you take your mini-holiday? 

Reference Check

Get the lowdown on the myths and realities of the reference letter. 

Stowed & Stored

Whether you’re protecting them or stowing them, know the ins and outs of dealing with valuables during a yard period.

Crossing on the Hard

What you need to know about yacht transport – get the scoop before you ship.

Plus: Undercurrents & News & Gear and more

July 2014

The Fast & the Fun

Slick, sexy and finally available — check out 2014’s must-ride tenders and toys.

Tender Trials

Does yachting need a tender-driving overhaul? You decide!

What’s in Your Water?

Is the water on board really un-potable, or is there simply a stigma to drinking from the tap?

Raising the Flag

When it comes to yachting, not all flags are created equal — here’s what really matters when flagging the vessel.

Plus: M/Y Penny Mae’s tiger shark encounter & Undercurrents and more…

June 2014

Uniformly Stylish

With new styles and custom designs at the ready for 2014, is it time you updated your crew uniform?

Gourmet Guide to Croatia

Chefs and provisioners share the secrets to perfect provisioning while in Croatia.

Slow Your Roll

Be it a gyro or a fin, the experts weigh in on the best way to stabilize the yacht.

Speed Demons

Science meets style in the art of building superyachts capable of speeds in excess of 50 knots.

Plus: The 2014 Genoa Charter Show & Undercurrents and more…

May 2014

Prime Pickings

From location to staff to provisioning options, captains weigh in on what they really want when making that ever-so-important docking decision.

Green and Clean

A little knowledge and effort can clean up your cleaning habits and reduce toxins on board — plus, you could tip the scales in favor of the environment. 

Earth Friendly

Hit the green trifecta — cleaner fuel, reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions — with products that will keep the hull sparkling and save the oceans.

The Spy in the Sky

UAVs: onboard entertainment or security threat? Here’s how to make use of your drone, but keep would-be prying eyes at bay.

Plus: The 2014 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous & The 2014 Westrec Captain and Crew Appreciation Party & Undercurrents and more…

April 2014

Mediterranean Marvels

Heed the advice of these seasoned captains and locals alike as they share their Mediterranean secrets.

Ultimate Charter Extras

Bringing on board experts in everything from diving to professors with knowledge of local history can only up the ante in your charter game.

Foul Play

What's in your bottom paint? New regulations and technologies may have you question what you put on your hull.

Navigation the Med Season

Navigating the paper seas of Mediterranean countries has never been easy, but could pose even more issues this year. Find out why.

Plus: The 2014 Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster & Undercurrents and more...

March 2014

Recipe for Success

Seven superyacht chefs spill their secrets on how they keep their crew careers steaming hot.

The Crew-lympics

While the 2014 Olympic winter games played out, we wondered if there could be a crew equivalent. How would you score?

Zen and the Art of Maintenance

Crafting the perfect maintenance schedule and keeping up with class survey requirements can help avoid shelling out the owner’s cash when in the yard.

The Golden Age

Is commercial the way to go? If you’re looking to take the helm early, it might be. Do you have what it takes?

Plus: The 2013 Concours de Chef in Antigua & Undercurrents and more...

February 2014

An Epic Expedition

Channel your inner Magellan and set course for an Arctic or Antarctic adventure with the advice of some sage captains who blazed the trails.

Code of Conduct

As privacy and secrecy become more a thing of the past, is it time to create an official ethical code of conduct for yachting?

The Toy Chest

There are definite downsides to keeping certain toys aboard, but only if you’re not prepared to handle the hassle that comes with the hooray.

Just Add Water

Jet Skis aren’t the only must-have onboard accessory. These products are at the forefront of watersports fun, so consider adding them to your arsenal.

Plus: The 2013 Antigua Charter Yacht Show & Undercurrents and more...

January 2014

Order Up

Get the scoop on the state of the yachting industry with the 2014 Global Order Book, and find out why, as crew, you should be smiling.

Sudden Death

Unfortunately, disaster can strike anywhere. Knowing how to react and which steps to take in the aftermath is paramount in mitigating a tragedy’s effects.

The Visa Challenge

Yachting is a transient, international industry and knowing how to play the immigration game is vital. Is your paperwork in order?

Fighting Fatigue

Mandated hours of work and rest aren’t new, but the MLC may stir up new issues in the battle against crew fatigue on the job.

Plus: The 2013 Fort Yachtie Da International Film Festival & Undercurrents and more...