Virtual Pursers Hit Six-Month Milestone

29 March 2021 By Aileen Mack

Since their official launch on September 1, 2020, Virtual Pursers, founded by former crewmembers Dominique Smit and Bec McKeever, has grown and partnered with Blue Marine Travel, Pelion Consulting, Luxury Hospitality, and Deep Blue Soft. They are also a part of She of the Sea, the Professional Yachting Association, and International Superyacht Society.

“Looking back from when we started, we feel extremely proud of what we have accomplished in such a short space of time. In the beginning, it was a lot of fun getting creative with every aspect of the business and building the basic foundation,” Smit says.  “It’s amazing to see how it has evolved; the relationships we have cultivated with our affiliates and our clients are especially rewarding.”

Because yacht management companies and pursers go hand-in-hand, it was a natural fit for Virtual Pursers to team up with Invisible Crew, offering administrative expertise and support behind the scenes. With VP working with them, Invisible Crew’s Pocket Superyacht owners have invisible superyacht pursers on board as well.

Another of their innovative developments includes new builds with The Purser Template. Setting up a new build is no easy feat, so they aim to simplify matters with a solution that involves: streamlining the administration setup from the get-go and making sure that all the information and documentation is in logical order.

Virtual Pursers will also begin interviewing leaders in the industry every month to gain some first-hand perspective and insight on an array of issues. Their latest interview with Liz Brasler focuses on her journey from deckhand to captain and is filled with ups and downs, along with gems of wisdom.

“Every day brings a new challenge and opportunity. From accounts to marketing to tech, it’s never ending and the resources available are limitless,” Smit says. “We put a lot of research into what we do and especially how we do it — how can we streamline, make the process easier for our customers, enhance their journey with us, etc.”

Their main goal for the one year anniversary is to cultivate and grow their client base, hoping to assist as many yachts and management companies as possible to ensure their upcoming season runs smoothly, McKeever says. They are also currently working on building a community and support network for pursers and maritime professionals, which they’re extremely excited about.

“The challenges faced by busy yachts and demanding owners, although the crew are fantastic and great [at] their jobs, administration takes a backseat when guests are on board, which puts a huge strain on management companies,” McKeever says.  “We’ve been able to assist with a smoother operation as the bridge between the vessel and their shore-side counterparts. It is so important to provide the best client support because they are the lifeblood of your business so that’s what we aim to do.”