CrewBench Offers Compact Workout Solution for Crew

7 March 2024 By Staff Report

Personal Trainers Christie Surveson and Thomas Jones understand the challenges that come with maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working as crew on board. They started Salt Lick Fitness in 2021 while on board, helping crewmembers on their fitness journeys.

In keeping with the brand, they launched CrewBench, with advice from renowned gym designers Gym Marine. It is the first product of the Salt Lick CrewKit range, space-saving gym equipment tailored to yacht crew.

“When we undertook our PT training, we used lots of different types of equipment, we always thought it would be great if we could find a way to combine the best pieces of kit and bring them all together into one piece of portable, space-saving equipment, that could be stored compactly on board and easily accessed by crew,” Christie says. “And so, the idea for the CrewBench was born.”

Along with hectic schedules, busy guest trips, and limited space and time, crew may not have access to useable gym equipment. Using their experience on boats, the pair knew what worked in the marine environment, researched other products on the market, and called upon the knowledge of Gym Marine to bring their idea together.

The CrewBench is a multifunctional gym bench designed to accommodate a full range of workout equipment in the smallest possible footprint. The bench houses six pairs of dumbbells, two kettlebells, a slam ball, an assortment of resistance bands and a vinyl workout mat. Multiple crew members can train on the unit, using different pieces of equipment at the same time. “Salt Lick CrewBench really is a true gym-in-a-box!” says co-founder Christie Surveson.

After use, the CrewBench can be left out on deck. It is crafted with corrosion-resistant zinc-coated metal and rubber-wrapped free weights to prevent deck damage, and a fitted rain cover guards against UV rays and salt exposure.

In a collaboration with Derecktor and Gym Marine, the second installment of Salt Lick’s CrewKit was revealed in late February at Derecktor Dania. The Crew Container is a full gym with industry-leading equipment designed for shipyards and refit centers to offer flexible workouts for yacht crew.

For more information on the CrewKit range and to pre-order the CrewBench to be delivered for the Med season, visit


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