M/Y Shinkai Crew Rescues Two Fishing Boats in Canada

31 August 2023By Staff Report
Photo: Courtesy of Marcus Desaunois

On Tuesday, August 29, 55 knots of wind came through Arctic Bay in Canada, causing two fishing boats to break loose from their moorings. Anchored in the bay, M/Y Shinkai’s crew were able to retrieve the unoccupied boats and bring them back to shore.

Capt. Marcus Desaunois says one boat broke first and then the second broke loose shortly after. The yacht’s rescue tender was quickly deployed.

Photo: Courtesy of Marcus Desaunois

Arctic Bay’s community is a hunting and trapping hamlet with a population of 994 according to the 2021 census. “It’s a community that lives on hunting and trapping .… We were in their hunting grounds. They were very grateful,” he shares. “We were happy to help.”


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