Kaos Crew Run Marathon and Fundraise for Cancer Charity

3 May 2024 By Aileen Mack
Kaos crew in their Sea Design yachtwear and Lurssen sponsored T-shirts.
Michaela Yard

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Yard periods may be a welcome change of pace, but it can also have an effect on the usual routines. To encourage the crew to participate in healthy habits during their long yard period and bring everyone together for a great cause, the crew of Kaos started a fundraiser for Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Kaos Outruns Cancer.

“Being away from home during yard periods can often take its toll on crew and we felt raising the money for charity would help the crew feel supported in difficult times,” service stewardess Lovisa Bjorkman says.

Michaela Yard

On April 28, eight crew members ran in the Hamburg Haspa Marathon — Captain Charlie Rentoul, chief officer James Hallos, second officer Oliver Campbell, second engineer Matt Weighman, ETO Andy Shaw, service stewardess Lovisa Bjorkman, head service Elysia Hewitt and third officer Sam Tye.

The crew chose Royal Marsden because the organization has helped many families, including crew on board Kaos. Sadly, a crew member who had trained lost her father to cancer during this time, so the rest of the crew are running it for her in his memory. “Often working away you can feel alone and our effort is small action we can share to show crew you are not alone and your boat families are here for you,” Elysia shares.

Half of the participating crew have had cancer affect their immediate family since starting training for the marathon, and it’s been a reminder for them that what they’re running for has had an impact on many. Lovisa says that while a marathon may seem hard, nothing compares to the challenges brought by illness for the patient and their loved ones.

Luckily with the yard period in dry dock, they have had the time for long runs on Sundays. “It has certainly been tough after long days to find the energy to get out in the cold and rain run after work, but seeing the amazing donations received has driven the team to stay motivated.”

Michaela Yard

In the end, the team raised £17,500 ($22,000) on their JustGiving page and all eight crew had finished in four hours and 58 minutes. All crew came together to achieve the goal and support the runners across the finish line.

Although some of the crew wish to never run another marathon again, Elysia shares that it was “by far one of my best yachting days yet.”

James adds, “30 kilometers of joy and 10 kilometers of brutal suffering all in the name of a superb cause, and a great day bringing the whole crew together. Bring on the next one!”


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