DockTalk: Forums Activated for You, By Crew

7 May 2008By Matt Gomez

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term, FUBU: “For us, by us.” It’s the name of a popular urban clothing line founded nearly two decades ago in the United States, but the phrase has its roots in community identity. is adopting the phrase to herald a potential online hot spot for lively, interactive dialogue among captains and crew. We call it DockTalk, but you can call it your own fubu forum (lowercased for legal purposes).

DockTalk was created by yacht industry professionals for yacht industry professionals, but don’t think it’s just about work stuff. These forums are designed for fun and community building as well.

As a featured part of, DockTalk focuses on the convergence of work and play in a user-generated environment. That means YOU drive the content, YOU decide what goes into each section. YOU ask the questions, YOU provide the answers. Remember, DockTalk forums were designed and developed just for YOU. Get creative and have some fun with them.

Where Do I Find DockTalk?

Haven’t found your forum yet? Just click on the Essentials tab and navigate to the DockTalk subheading. Click the link to reveal an infinite number of forum possibilities. You’ll find forum subjects specific to job title, such as Captains, Chefs, Deckhands and Engineers.

You’ll also find a jobs board (“Hire Me”) that trumpets your availability, and a “Job Openings” section where yacht owners, captains, recruiters and crew can post available career opportunities.

Can’t find a forum that suits your fancy? Start one of your own. You can do that, too. Remember, DockTalk is created as your own communications playground on the Web.

DockTalk is an ideal place to share funny stories about your yacht experiences, start off-topic conversations with friends all over the world and learn about what’s on the mind of others who visit for information and entertainment.

Our early feedback regarding has been remarkably positive, and we are confident you’ll find the forums a warm and inviting place where you can address key issues and speak to others about topics related to your life and work at sea.

Now it’s up to you to get those forums rocking with lively discussion and debate.

Visit the DockTalk forums. Jump in and get the conversation started. You’ll notice that others have already dipped their toes into the water. Give them a push and cannonball in right after them. Have a little fubu fun in the forums and keep that DockTalk section chatty.