What’s Next…new products at FLIBS

23 September 2010 By Marilyn Mower

Boat shows are famous for a number of things; one being remarkable new products and technological treats for captains and crew to ogle. If you’re in the market for anything from a new submarine to a new VHF radio, save some time during FLIBS to search out these new releases.

Raymarine defeats darkness

Radar is the first line of defense in finding your way at night, but nothing adds clarity quite like a thermal imaging camera; radar is of limited use in man overboard situations or when trying to avoid floating oil. While FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras aren’t new, their integration with Raymarine navigation displays is. Two imaging units in the familiar R2-D2-shaped housing now wear the familiar Raymarine badge. The T300 and T400 Series imagers are fully integrated and controllable with E-Series Widescreen and G-series navigation systems and the camera’s imagery can be displayed alongside chartplotter, fishfinder and radar navigation displays. The T300 has a single thermal imaging sensor while the T400 has the same imager plus a high-performance, lowlight video camera. A video splitter allows images from either camera to be viewed at any E- or G-series remote display on the boat. This is the first new product issued since FLIR acquired Raymarine’s debt last May. Find FLIR and Raymarine in the electronics pavilion.

Vesper Marine delivers just the danger signs

Perfect for tenders and pocket yachts, Vesper Marine’s WatchMate 850 is designed to demystify AIS Class B. Although the compact unit – with its built-in GPS receiver – receives and transmits all AIS data, easy to program features simplify the display, ensuring you get the information you want while filtering out non-priority targets and displaying only the vessels that may be on a collision course. You also can set it in silent mode and it will send a warning if the antenna is not working properly. The unit is IP67 rated for water proofing and has multiple mounting options. Vesper was started by a cruising Kiwi couple who spent seven years sailing offshore on their yacht, Vesper. The AIS WatchMate is the result of their desire for a powerful, yet simple collision warning system that’s easy to use and consumes so little power that it can be left on all the time.

B&G brings it all together

For cruising sailors and club racers, B&G has a new integrated bridge system called Zeus. This multifunction display offers full integration with GPS, Broadband Radar, AIS, weather – including GRIB weather-file display and animation – entertainment and digital switching. Featuring seamless compatibility with B&G’s H3000 instruments, Zeus has an ultra-bright, sunlight-viewable display, fast chart redraw speed and a menu-driven user interface. Users can scroll through forecasts to plan navigation consistent with conditions and a tactical chart overlay depicts sailing laylines, indicating the best and worst layline positions and allowing sailors to make better informed navigation decisions. For more information on these B&G products, go to

Simrad unveils a high-function handheld VHF

One of three new radios from this manufacturer, Simrad’s HH33U VHF/GPS radio is a full-featured, free-floating, five-watt handheld model with large 128x128 pixel LCD display for latitude, longitude and time display and a built-in GPS receiver. Incorporating a simple plotter, the VHF has Great Circle waypoint navigation and provides storage for 500 waypoints with 360 points of vessel track history. You can “track your buddy” using DSC communications and a “Get Buddy” function allows skippers on the same channel to exchange name, bearing and distance information using the push-to-talk key. It operates on both AC and DC power and has a three-hour recharge time and a dedicated distress call button, not to mention flexible dual- and tri-watch for greater channel monitoring and weather alerts. If your heart is set on a new VHF radio, head to Electronics Pavilion 317-319, 346-348 to take a gander at what Simrad has to offer.

Let there be light

With yachts such as Big Fish able to quantify fuel savings due directly to LED lighting, the cost/benefit analysis for LED fixtures just gets easier and easier – and not just for interior use, either.

Imtra will display energy saving flush-mount LED spotlights for directly replacing traditional power-hungry 120V-35W halogen spots commonly found on large vessels and megayachts. Imtra’s Sardinia model features a traditional, raised square-edge bezel, while the Cyprus offers a lower profile, tapered edge design. If you’re looking for more eco-friendly and fuel efficient lighting, see Imtra at Designer Tent 735/736.

Going down?

Capable of diving a thousand meters, U-Boat Worx’s C-Explorer 2 can accommodate all of your submersible needs. With space for a pilot and one passenger, the C-Explorer 2 can remain submerged for up to 12 hours, thanks to modern lithium-ion batteries. Also equipped with air conditioning, iPod stereo installation and a Champagne cooler – after all, who wouldn’t love some bubbly while gazing at the wonders of the deep? – U-Boat Worx has thought of everything the owner could want while under the sea.

On call

When at sea and miles from doctors and hospitals, sometimes lives are in the hands of the crew. For this reason, Ocean Medical International will be hosting demonstrations on resuscitation, suturing, injection-giving and pulse oximetry, among other things, in the Superyacht Builder’s tent. While there, check out the new products added to its repertoire, such as STS Lite, a state-of-the-art electronic communication device that not only transmits live to a 24/7 call center, manned by doctors and surgeons, but also monitors the vital signs of patients. Additional features of STS Lite include photo and video transmission, first aid procedures and a medication database, all incorporated into the touchscreen device.

Gourmet Galleys

Need some galley gadgets? The Yachting Gourmet will introduce its Instant Galley at FLIBS this year. The perfect way to outfit a new galley or update your existing galley, check it out at the Convention Center on the first floor, 3028-3029. And if your guests love their soda, but you hate dealing with the cans, look into the SodaStream, a green, self-contained product that makes delicious sodas that taste just like the store brand, without the cans or cost.