28 Chefs Ready for MYBA Chefs’ Competition Showdown

18 April 2024 By Staff Report
Credit: Stuart Pearce

As the MYBA Charter Show makes its much-anticipated return to Italy, the stage is set for the show's annual superyacht chefs' competition. Taking place in  Marina Molo Vecchio in Genoa, 28 culinary maestros are currently sharpening their knives and preparing to battle — in the galley.

This year's theme, “An Italian Fusion Dinner Party,” asks chefs to proffer their finest Italian fare  — with a twist. They must create a fusion cuisine by combining elements from another country of their choosing.

Snowbird's winning dish in 2022
Credit: Stuart Pearce

Chefs are required to serve three courses (starter, entrée, and dessert) for four discerning judges, within a strict 30-minute time window. All preparation and cooking must be completed by the chef, and sous chefs can only help with plating. Each course will be judged on originality, taste, presentation, execution, and overall impression.

Credit: Stuart Pearce

But the culinary spectacle doesn't end there. At the same time, the MYBA Charter Show plays host to a dazzling tablescaping competition, where interior crews unleash their creativity to craft the perfect backdrop for the chef's dishes. 

The competing yachts will be split into three categories – 56m and Over, 36m to 55m, and 35m and Under – and the winners of each category will be crowned at the close of the MYBA Charter Show and their culinary creations revealed in the July issue of Dockwalk.

This year's Chefs Competition is sponsored by Dockwalk and World Wine Services.

"You can mix two styles and get fusion; any more, and you just get confusion." – Alain Ducasse


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