Superyacht Foodie Expands Services and Hosts Events

2 August 2022 By Laura Shaughnessy
Superyacht Foodie Tasting Basket

Laura Shaughnessy is the former managing editor at Dockwalk. 

Since opening in March 2021, Superyacht Foodie (SYF) has continued to expand. They added a new storage facility in the South of France for Global Produce and have expanded into the private aviation sector.

Whether you or your guests are gluten-free, vegan, or have other dietary restrictions, SYF connects yacht chefs with niche, luxury food-and-drink provisioners — though they don’t sell the products. And now, their brand-new dedicated storage facility in the South of France enables any brand represented by SYF to use it, which means crew get orders even quicker.

As a by-product to their Superyacht Foodie service, they’ve been asked to source select products from their platform to introduce them to the private aviation sector. “Why private aviation? Our end clientele is the same, so we believe that the products that please the superyacht clients will do the same on their private planes,” says Titta Uoti-Väisänen, SYF founder and ex-yacht chef. “The fact that many products are so good they are also being bought by private aviation companies to be served on some of the world’s most luxurious private jets is a testament to the quality of the produce in this program,” she adds.

Check out Superyacht Foodie ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show on September 17 at the Monaco Yacht Club

Head Chef Nathan Clements of S/Y Asahi met Superyacht Foodie at the MYBA Charter Show where he received a tasting basket full of next-gen food and drinks. “I loved trying the rare goods and thought many of the products would be a fantastic addition to the galley, especially the Hikiän Honey and smoothie powders. Our chief stewardess also picked out several items that would make healthy yet luxurious snacks for guests,” he says.

According to Uoti-Väisänen, one of their featured provisioners, INLAND ICE, has also inspired several chefs to renew their chocolatier training and to bake their own bread on board. “Motor yacht Loon has sponsored a hive with Hikiän Honey, and they are getting their very own Loon honey made, which will be some of the best honey in the world due to the unique conditions Hikiän maintain for the bees, and the sustainable process in which they harvest the honey,” she says.

Meet Michelin-Star Chef Kim Mikkola

Check out Superyacht Foodie ahead of MYS on September 17 at the Monaco Yacht Club where crew will walk away with a bag full of food and drink samples. There, Michelin-star Chef Kim Mikkola will do masterclass cooking demonstrations throughout the day. He’ll also be available in between classes to talk with crew and answer any questions. You may of course recognize him as being featured on Gordon Ramsey’s TV series Uncharted. More recently, he was just on Netflix’s show Somebody Feed Phil (the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond).

They’ll also be running a competition for a winning yacht chef to compete in a cook-off with Chef Mikkola. Full details will be coming soon on Superyacht Foodie’s social media.

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Come December 4-9, they’ll also be appearing at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show where they’ll be giving away tasting baskets to yachts in attendance. Don’t miss out!


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