Merry Christmas from the Galley, Part Five

20 December 2018 By Laura Dunn

In honor of the holidays, five yacht chefs have contributed an original recipe to Dockwalk, each with a Christmas flair that will keep you in celebration mode all month long (or longer).

In today’s edition, British/Maltese Head Chef Geoffrey Fisher — who left M/Y Slipstream in 2017 after 10 years with them — reveals his Christmas Pudding Cookies, which are perfect for holiday festivities. Follow him for more delicious creations on Instagram and Facebook at @geoff.the.chef.

Christmas Pudding Cookies
By Head Chef Geoffrey Fisher

Makes 12-14 cookies

150 grams unsalted butter
225 grams soft brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
275 grams plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp baking powder
150 grams cooked Christmas pudding
100 grams milk chocolate chips

First, cream together the butter and sugar. Add egg and vanilla until combined. Add flour, bicarbonate of soda, and baking powder. Next, mix in then add chunks of Christmas pudding and chocolate chips. Mix well and roll into a sausage shape in clingfilm, firm it up in the fridge, and cut into one-half-centimeter discs. Now, bake on a greased baking sheet at 170 degrees Celsius until golden but still soft. Cool on a wire rack, then enjoy!

Christmas Q&A:
What’s your favorite holiday dish that you look forward to every year?
Chocolate Yule Log, because it brings back so many memories as a child.

What makes this time of year so special for you?
Well, now I'm off yachts…I get to spend it with my family!

Any holiday cooking tips for other superyacht chefs?
Make sure you’re stocked up, prepped, and ready to go. The guests and the crew are always looking forward to their Christmas dinner.

Any holiday provisioning tips or advice for cooking for your guests?
Always get your orders in to provisioners early. That gives plenty of time for any last-minute add-ons. Also, be aware that most provisions will be flown in from the U.S. mainland or the UK, so if some provisions can be bought locally, it could save time.

What are you wishing for at Christmas this year?
For my son to have a great Christmas. Also, seeing his face light up with Santa’s presents…and for someone to cook me Christmas dinner for a change.

About the Chef:

Back in 2006, a friend of mine needed help at the Monaco Grand Prix. The rest is history. I’ve been a chef for over 22 years now, working in restaurants, hotels, yachts, and private houses around the world. Food is fashion and always changing. Having a passion for what you do makes you eager to learn new skills and knowledge.

What I love most about my job is cooking in some amazing locations around the world. The most difficult part of the job is provisioning in remote places and cooking for rude guests. One thing I’ve learned on the job is to always be stocked up. Also, being prepared for anything!

My style of cooking is classic, but with a modern twist. Personally, I like eating and cooking Asian and Indian food. The varied spices and flavors are amazing to work with. My favorite dish to cook is pastries, so anything to do with desserts. You can be so creative with patisserie and it’s usually the last thing the guests will eat. So, if it looks amazing, it’ll be in their memory.

My ideal kind of guest is someone who lets you do what you’re paid to do: make them happy with cooking good food for them. The strangest request I’ve ever received was trying to find fresh oysters in the Maldives…in the middle of nowhere!

Although I loved being a yacht chef, having a family made it difficult to carry on in yachting and I needed to find a balance. Luckily, I was asked by one of the previous Slipstream charter guests to cook for their family. Now, I’m a private chef working in houses in London and LA.