Oceanform Reimagines Crew Uniforms

8 May 2024 By Aileen Mack

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During an Atlantic crossing, Julie Dahl Jørgensen assisted with sourcing uniforms and quickly became frustrated with the options available. Once they were in use, she documented crew comments and complaints and began to draw up uniforms in partnership with a designer in her free time.

While working on board a 220ft motor yacht, she became friends with then-deckhand William Nicholson, who shared her frustrations with crew workwear. “Having worked on several yachts, the story of dysfunctional uniforms was not just an isolated issue, but a problem industry-wide,” William shares.

They ventured into business together, and Oceanform officially launched in January 2024.

“This was our opportunity to use our first-hand knowledge, network, storytelling and experience to set a new standard and innovate solutions,” Julie says.

Julie Dahl Jørgensen and William Nicholson

The On-Charter collection in navy and off-white was inspired by crew and owner preferences. It reinterprets the classic uniform while respecting maritime traditions in eight styles (five for women and three for men) that can easily be mixed and matched as desired.

All the women’s styles are designed for functionality with hidden pockets and built-in shorts, and, based on numerous requests, the collection also include pants. Designed to withstand the physical demands on deck, the men’s styles emphasize performance and are made with durable, lightweight materials.

The premium fabrics were carefully chosen and feature superior finishes that are wrinkle-free, antibacterial, UV protective, breathable, comfortable and eco-friendly. With crew in mind, they designed the uniforms for easy maintenance to keep them looking their best and save time for laundry crew, whether it’s stain treatment, mending or ironing.

“For an industry that prides itself on providing the highest level of hospitality, we felt obliged to bring a brand to the market that represents that unequivocally,” Julie says. “Oceanform aims to redefine excellence in uniforms, taking quality in every aspect of our sector to the next level and ultimately creating workwear that works for us, not against us.”

Julie and William have worked to make the products as sustainable as possible, from the designs and materials to the manufacturing and distribution. The Oceanform Initiative allows clients to make a positive impact, and one percent of revenues are donated to environmental protection organizations.

“Oceanform revolves around being more than just a uniform brand. Oceanform is a collaborative project and community that we share with our customers, partners, and suppliers,” William says. “Together, we work towards a more sustainable tomorrow, prioritizing the environment, quality, and innovation.”


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