M/Y Laurel Completes Another Dog Rescue Mission

12 December 2019 By Laura Dunn

Fresh off their second trip to rescue dogs in The Bahamas, the captain, crew, owners, and guests aboard M/Y Laurel are already planning a third trip back to help more displaced dogs.

Not only were all 50 rescue dogs adopted from their first trek in September, but now 10 more dogs have been placed in the care of Big Ranch Dog Rescue in West Palm Beach, Florida. The owners even created their own foundation named after their own dog, Bailey, called Bailey and Friends.

Laurel left on December 5 and arrived in the Exumas on December 6, where Capt. Roy Hodges and everyone else aboard her spent countless hours ensuring the dogs’ safety.

For their first trip to deliver aid and rescue, the owners gave their blessing and support, but this time, they actually accompanied them, along with five guests who also played a large part in making it a successful rescue mission. Each guest (temporarily) adopted two dogs in order to expedite the process of getting them to the States.

As of December 11, the dogs were officially in good health and ready for adoption. “They're in good hands, taken care of, quarantined, and they will definitely find homes quick,” says Laurel’s Chief Officer Wikus Botes, who adds that the “cute little puppies” are mostly friendly, “adoptable” house dogs.

“Last time we did it, [the owners] were all in, they were all happy for us to do it,” says Botes, who explains that the owner’s wife was particularly hands-on. She’s already requested they do it again, too — an event that will happen in January.

The owner’s wife wants to stock up on everything they need (such as crates, medicines for ticks and fleas, etc.) whenever they go back to The Bahamas to bring as much dogs back as possible every time. She even went as far as to set up three washing stations when they first anchored off Albany, Nassau, — one for washing the dogs, one for blow-drying them, and one for cleaning their ears and gums.

“A lot of credit goes to the owners,” he says, describing their request as surprising when they said they wanted to come on board and for getting as involved as they did. “So it was very, very nice to see … wealthy people like that really actually care and they’re not just saying things to make themselves look good,” Botes says.

And of course, the crew deserves a ton of credit too as they work to bring the dogs aboard. Of course, with those cute puppy faces, who could be unhappy? “Every time we get dogs on board, their eyes just lit up, and they’re so happy,” Botes says.

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Photos by Second Stewardess Shani Davies of M/Y Laurel