Crew Created: The Stewardess Corner

2 May 2019 By Laura Dunn

Former Chief Stewardess Carole Catsuris recently launched The Stewardess Corner, a website where she shares her experience and provides insight into how to help others. “I have created this website as a free support/guidance for all interior [crew in] charge of the shopping for interior decoration,” says Catsuris. She covers topics like amenities, dining, bed linen, candles, organizing tools, and more. “I have organized ten categories that you can search from, which leads you directly to the brands that we use in our industry.”

What led her to this endeavor? “I have worked as a chief stewardess with Franck, my husband/captain, for the last sixteen years traveling the world. We left our last boat [Rahil] after seven years. While we are still looking to find the perfect job for the two of us, I thought it was the right timing to focus on my project (which I had in the back of my head for a little while),” says Catsuris.

She adds that after leaving M/Y Rahil, she didn’t want to stay inactive. “I wanted to have an activity which give me the opportunity to keep in contact with yachties and something that I could do from anywhere in the world.”

Although her site launched on April 1 this year, it was no April Fool’s joke. “I have built a listing of nearly two hundred addresses (hub, marketplace, call it as you want) of major brands and boutiques that we use in our industry (mid-range to high end),” she says, adding that you can go there for ideas, tutorials, and other inspiration. She spent a year setting up the website but isn’t done working on her brand — the former chief stewardess says she wants to develop it with more tips and ideas.

“I would really like this website to be resourceful and helpful for everyone in the hospitality industry, but also to help people have a better understanding of the standards required in our industry,” Catsuris says, citing shopping in particular since it “is as important as providing a good service.”

The Stewardess Corner exists because she says it’s her way of giving back to the industry that has given her so much in terms of growing as a person — not to mention her travels and being able to add countless photos of gorgeous sunsets on the water around the world. Catsuris created it to pass on what she has learned to the new generation, as well as just to share with others who have the same interests and passion in their job as she does. Follow her on Instagram @thestewardesscorner.