Yacht Pearls of Wisdom Launches Podcast: Tales From The Superyacht Laundry

28 May 2024 By Gemma Harris

The days of expertly origami-folding each piece of material from the laundry without any form of entertainment have ended. The supportive female community Yacht Pearls of Wisdom (YPOW) has launched a new podcast, Tales From The Superyacht Laundry, following women's journeys in and out of the yachting industry.

After hosting various networking events across Europe, YPOW recognized the need to make these conversations more accessible and regular. With a new episode dropping weekly, guests range from inspiring female entrepreneurs to Below Deck stars.

No topic is off-limits, as the unfiltered and candid conversations delve into yachting life, personal journeys, what it's like to finally feel ready to leave, and navigating the transition to shore.

“Everyone knows the laundry room is where the real magic on board happens! Whether you are still in the industry or have left, our aim with the podcast is to share epic journeys and wisdom from women in and out of the industry,” says YPOW founder and podcast host Cherise Reedman.

While the episodes are full of hilarious and crazy anecdotes, the underlying premise of each one helps past and present yacht crew relate to the ups and downs of yachtie life, both at sea and ashore. Helping listeners no longer feel alone, each guest tells their story, helping inspire and empower others.


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