Footwear Startup Reveals 2-in-1 Shoe for Crew

2 May 2024 By Staff Report

We are told not to reinvent the wheel but how about the shoe? Footwear start-up Modifox has done just that with its smart two-in-one shoes for yacht crew.

The modular shoes boast interchangeable soles, thanks to a patent-pending “KlickTech” locking mechanism, allowing wearers to kick off the sole for indoor use and slip it back on for running errands ashore without the need to tie and untie laces. 

“The idea was a shoe for indoors and a sole for outdoors that you can step into — much like a ski boot, where you step into the ski and release it again, hands-free and within seconds,” founder Devin Agca says.

Devin’s lightbulb moment came from his rural upbringing where his family's communal Birkenstocks, used for running errands, sat muddy by the front door.

Initially conceived as a hybrid slipper, Modifox’s design evolved into a crew shoe after a revelation on board a friend’s houseboat. The shoe has a water-repellent upper made from machine washable and sustainable Tencel, with a breathable bamboo lining and an anti-slip,non-marking, saltwater-resistant sole.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, in which the team raised €15,000 in two weeks, Modifox has partnered with eight uniform suppliers, including Liquid Yacht Wear, to bring the first 1,000 pairs to market. The shoes were put to the test during the Malta Marathon and piloted by the crew of Legacy.


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