Cocktail Concoctions: The Nina B

2 October 2015 By Staff Report

This Nina B is the latest of the Cocktail Concoctions Series by S/Y Marie’s Chief Stewardess Jasmin Rutter and is the perfect refreshment as the Med season comes to an end.

“Who knew that breakfast could be turned into a cocktail? It’s almost like a naughty yogurt smoothie,” says Rutter. “This was an experimental cocktail that turned out delicious, so I had to share it!”

15ml Peach Schnapps
45ml Ciroc Vodka
2 tsp of Nectarine and passion fruit yoghurt
15ml Passion fruit juice

Shake all ingredients except for the passion fruit juice
Double strain into a chilled coupe
Top gently with passion fruit juice
Garnish with a stone fruit peel

Add the passion fruit juice gently on top as you do not want the yoghurt you use to curdle with the citrus.

This cocktail is light and has a wonderful texture. Make sure to double strain so that you don’t have icy shards from shaking and the “mouth feel” stays silky, Rutter recommends.

“We are coming to the end of the stone fruits season here in the Med, so make this drink before the fresh produce is no longer,” she adds.

“The Ciroc vodka is lovely in this recipe,” Rutter says. “It’s made from grapes and has a different finish than other vodkas on the market; it balances the cocktail nicely with its light and fruity undertone.”

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