Fun and Games: 5 New Toys to Entertain Guests

21 January 2022 By Kate Lardy

Kate got her start in the yachting industry working as crew. She spent five years cruising the Bahamas, Caribbean, New England, and Central America, then segued that experience into a career in marine journalism, including stints as editor of Dockwalk and ShowBoats International.

With so many toys on the market, there's a myriad of ways to enjoy the water and the onboard toy chest can be easily filled up. Here are some of the latest toys that will entertain guests and crew alike:

Available through Nautical Ventures and Brownie's YachtDiver

Fliteboard Series 2

Now easier than ever to learn, the latest version of the electric-powered hydrofoil that has riders flying 70 centimeters above the water has been refined to offer an improved experience across the range, from better stability for beginners to more maneuverable carving for the seasoned foiler.

Hydrofoiler XE-1

Guests can skip the onboard gym’s stationary bicycle and take their training to the sea with this bike by Manta5 that successfully replicates the land-cycling experience on the water. It can reach 11 knots by using the same hydrofoiling technology as America’s Cup boats.


Paddling against the current or wind quickly sucks the fun out of stand-up paddleboarding. Enter the SipaBoard with patented Paddle Assist Drive technology — a low-pressure jet engine that can both self-inflate the board and propel the rider along when needed.

Mirage iEclipse

Replacing the paddle with pedals, Hobie was the first to make a “stand-up pedalboard,” powered by foot pedals. Now it debuts an inflatable one ideal for stowing in a yacht’s lazarette. Pumped up to 10psi, it promises the same rigidity as the original in a lightweight, portable package.


Taking the personal watercraft to the next level, this cross  between a hoverboard,  Jet Ski, and surfboard achieves lift-off at three to four knots. With a lithium battery and silent electric motor, it’s quiet too. The manufacturer says that speeds range “from mild to wild,” accommodating beginners and thrill seekers alike.


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