Yacht Catches Fire in the BVIs

6 March 2017

According to an eyewitness, 99-foot M/Y Limitless (ex. Da Bubba) caught flames off the coast of VirginGorda in the British Virgin Islands on March 6. Coordinator of Virgin Islands Searchand Rescue J. Phil Aspinall confirmed the fire, which began around 3:45 p.m. at Dog Islands, and that all passengers are safe, reports VirginIslands News. The captain and crew reportedly abandoned ship on their owntender before rescuers arrived to the scene.

“The guests and crew made it to the boat’s tender aftereveryone abandoned ship and jumped in the water,” says the eyewitness, who sawthe black smoke from Scrub Island. “All are safe, [but] pretty much losteverything on board. They are all seeking refuge at Scrub Island Resort andMarina.”

Right now, it’s unclear how many passengers were on boardand what started the fire, but the eyewitness says, “I think one of its enginescaught fire.”

Aspinall told BVI News Online that police are currentlyinvestigating the cause and that, based on his observation, the vessel wasbadly damaged and he believes it to be “pretty well gone.” The salvage companyis reportedly pumping water from the vessel.

More details to come as they are available.

Photo: Taylor Lawson