Unlucky Linde

10 March 2009 By Kelly Sanford

The Southern Boulevard Bridge in Palm Beach Florida was closed to traffic for over an hour on Sunday, March 8, 2009 after the northbound 65-foot yacht Lucky Linde crashed into the bridge while it was in a closed position. Reports remain unclear as to what caused the incident-which is still under investigation. Eye-witnesses say that the yacht ran right into the bridge without slowing down. Other witnesses reported seeing the west span of the bridge appearing to malfunction prior to the collision. The impact caused significant damage to the yacht, but left the bridge relatively unscathed.

Evidently the motorcade escorting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden had crossed the bridge just hours before the incident, but no correlation is suspected. Images of the yacht following the impact show the aft supports of the yacht’s hard-top completely collapsed causing it to land on a fly bridge seatee. Fortunately no one was injured and the bridge was inspected for damage and was quickly reopened.