120-Foot M/Y Andiamo Engulfed in Flames

19 December 2019 By Laura Dunn

On December 18, the 120-foot Benetti M/Y Andiamo caught fire. According to local NBC South Florida 6 station, units from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Miami Beach Fire Rescue were called to the scene at Island Gardens Marina in Miami around 7:30 p.m. where the vessel was “engulfed in flames and leaning on its side.”

Within two hours, the fire department was able to put out the flames — but the boat was a total loss. No one was injured, and according to reports, between six and seven crewmembers were evacuated safely. No other boats were damaged during the incident.

Dockwalk reached out to the City of Miami Fire-Rescue, who commented that there were no injuries. Stay tuned for more updates as we have them.

The boat reportedly belongs to singer Marc Anthony, who was not on board at the time, and the fire is under investigation.

12/24/19 update: According to Maritime Executive, Andiamo caught on fire at 1930 hours and in response, 45 firefighters responded to the scene with water cannons. Two crewmembers were reportedly on the scene but escaped unharmed. Thanks to federal authorities, an allocation of $300,000 was taken from the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund to help with pollution mitigation and salvage planning.

The U.S. Coast Guard reported on December 23 that the Resolve Marine Group has removed about 3,000 gallons of oil from the yacht.

Local 10 in Florida reports that once the cleanup is complete, Tow Boat U.S. will remove the vessel from Biscayne Bay.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Photos: courtesy of Miami Fire Rescue