The Great BOAT Bake Off

12 May 2020

You don’t always need an occasion to bake a cake, but if you’re looking for one, take a crack at creating a tasty treat for The Great BOAT Bake Off for BOAT International’s second Virtual BOAT Show, which takes place at the beginning of June. Get the piping bags and sprinkles out, as competitors will have to decorate their cake inspired by a location they would like to visit if they could travel.

The rules:
•Must be on a charter yacht currently (one cake entry per boat)
• Doesn’t need to be an original cake recipe but must be an original/design concept for the competition
• Max 10 ingredients (excluding cake decoration)
• The cake recipe must be designed so that a charter guest could take it home and recreate it
• Has to be thematic: A Destination Inspiration — a location they would like to visit if travel was allowed

Each entrant needs to submit:
• Final recipe and method in a Word document
• Photo of the cake (high-res photos, at least one in landscape orientation)

The winners will be decided by public vote. This is a great way to promote the boat, so make sure to send us the details of what crew were involved (names and positions), plus the boat info: name, length, builder, charter details, current location. Of course, don’t forget to let us know what you love about your creation and anything about your creative inspiration.

Entries must be submitted no later than May 25. To submit your cake or ask any questions, email: