The Dockwalk Photography Workshop

25 October 2016

In honor of Dockwalk’ssecond edition of The Dockwalk Photography Workshop, JeffBrown talks a few tips and tricks to taking better photos for yourself, yourguests, and to help market your yacht and increase its charter profile.Interested? Join him at The Dockwalk Hideout at2 p.m. on Saturday, November 5, during the Fort Lauderdale InternationalBoat Show in a fun, interactive session where he’ll unveil even more tips.Enjoy a cold drink and come and go as you please!

Take a sneakpeek at what’s in store.

1. Composition is key

2. Always be ready

3. Helicopters vs. Drones

4. Taking the best people pictures

5. Capturingvideo

6. Pictures formats — JPEG vs. raw

7. Post-production

8. HOT TIP: How to make it onto a Dockwalkcover…

We want to hear from you to make the workshop asengaging as possible, so please let us know if there are particular questionsyou have or topics you’d like to learn more about, from working with drones andfrom a helicopter, to manipulating light, and capturing lifestyle, models, andhalf/half water shots. Please send your questions to

To attend the workshop, you must be registered for The Dockwalk Hideout.

Photo: Breed Media