The 2018 Concours de Chef, New Year’s Style

9 December 2018 By Lauren Beck

The hottest sport at the 2018 Antigua Charter Yacht Show? Competing in the 19th annual Concours de Chef, of course! Chefs were challenged to create a “New Year’s Eve Dinner Party” and a “New Year’s Eve Decorative Table Setting” — as an added twist, each chef was also provided with a list of their guests’ dietary criteria. Tasked to complete three courses — a first course, a main, and a dessert — each chef had only 30 minutes to wow the judges with their creative concoctions.

In the end, it was Chef Peter Frost of M/Y Eternity who triumphed in the Yachts 160 feet and over category, followed by Chef Micail Swindells of M/Y Go in second, and Chef David Pearson of M/Y Galaxy in third place. Chef Megan Ross of M/Y Amaryllis also received an honorable mention in this category.

Chef Sebastian Springer of M/Y Harle claimed gold in the Yachts 126–159 feet category, with Chef Jamie Sparks of M/Y Berilda taking second, and Chef Philip Clarke of M/Y Ruya in third.

In the Yachts up to 126 feet category, first place was awarded to Chef Desiree Pierce of S/Y Joy; in second was Chef Inn Boisson of M/Y Arion, and Chef Ely Reyad of M/Y Unbridled in third.

But the glory was not all for the chefs. The Tablescaping contest allowed the interior crew to unleash their creativity, and Stewardess Echo Flores of M/Y Eternity won in the Yachts 160 feet and over category, Stewardess Robyne McNeil of M/Y Berilda claimed first in the Yachts 126–159 feet category, and Stewardess Katie Kisch of M/Y Unbridled was victorious in the Yachts up to 126 feet category.

Saturday night saw the culmination of all the hard work as chefs and crew gathered at The Admiral’s Inn in Nelson’s Dockyard for the prizegiving with sponsors Boat International Media and Kennedy’s Club. Each of the winning chefs will be featured in Boat International, Boat International U.S. edition, and in Dockwalk (look for our coverage in the March 2019 issue).

M/Y Eternity

M/Y Harle

S/Y Joy