Tender Theft on the Rise in The Bahamas

6 April 2009

Dockwalk received an alert from a charter captain based in The Bahamas that theft of center-console boats is becoming rampant in the islands.

He reports that early morning on April 6, at approximately 4:00 a.m. while anchored off the island of Highbourne Cay, M/Y Relentless had its 28-foot Intrepid with twin Yamahas stolen from behind the yacht. At the same time, inside the Highbourne Cay Marina, a 33-foot Regulator with twin Yamahas was stolen. Highbourne officials claim this morning’s theft was the first one from the marina in 11 years.

According to the captain, there are tender thefts daily throughout Nassau and the Abacos. Most of the thefts have occurred on vessels with Yamahas due to the fact that the thieves apparently already have keys for Yamahas.

The captain admits that last week his 30-foot tender with twin Mercury 250-hp engines was almost stolen. “The thieves are now getting desperate and are not just stealing Yamahas anymore – seems like anything goes now,” he says.

At 4:00 a.m., which seems to be the time that these thieves strike, the tender’s ignition keys were punched out and the thieves attempted to hotwire it. Fortunately for the captain, the tender burglars were not able to start the port motor and didn’t take it. Only a few nights later, however, another boat was stolen only a few slips away in Yacht Haven Marina; it was a 35-foot-plus center console with twin Yamahas.

“Some feel that local law enforcement may have a hand in matters, and that is why the thieves are so successful,” says the captain.