Superyacht Chef Writes Cookbook: Made with Love

29 October 2020 By Laura Shaughnessy

Chef Elizabeth Lee, a professional charter yacht chef for 17 years, is spending the holiday season celebrating the release of her new cookbook, Made with Love.

“The book showcases 138 gorgeous food and travel photographs taken by my husband, Capt. Warren East,” says the current chef aboard 92-foot M/Y Pegasus IX in The Bahamas. There are 50 dishes and 165 recipes overall, including a few sous vide recipes, which also provide a traditional cooking method. “Each recipe is complemented with a beautiful photo to showcase the dish and to give ideas for presentation,” says Chef Lee.

“For sous vide beginners, it is nice to become comfortable with the traditional method first, which uses the same marinades and preparation techniques, and then you can advance your skills and try sous vide,” she says.

The premise behind the book is to show that the majority of galleys have very limited space. “Many of the recipes in my book are developed and executed in these tiny areas using ideas for organization and advance preparation, attesting to the fact that gourmet cuisine can be created in the smallest of spaces whether a yacht, apartment, condo, or home,” Lee says.  

“Working on yachts is a 24/7 job. I have been developing this book since I graduated from culinary school in 2003. It has obviously been adapted and become more elaborate over the years! I finally had the time to complete the book at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were in complete lockdown in The Bahamas due to the spread of the virus. I took this time to focus, work hard, and make one of my lifelong dreams a reality.”

She and her husband are currently the chef/captain team aboard Pegasus IX. “We have been working and traveling abroad on yachts together for fourteen years,” she says, adding that they’re also business partners as his charter yacht brokerage, East Yachts Ltd.

The book is currently available for pre-order on her website. It will begin shipping once the books have been received at the publisher distribution center in mid-November. “Just in time for the Christmas holiday season,” she says. “I have had a huge amount of interest and support from fellow food lovers, and I am so excited to share my personal recipes and culinary adventures from around the world.” $49.95.