Seth Yacht Services Helps Place Crew

2 December 2022 By Laura Shaughnessy
Captain Seth Jacobson in water
Capt. Seth Jacobson

Laura Shaughnessy is the former managing editor at Dockwalk. 

This past spring, Capt. Seth Jacobson launched Seth’s Yacht Service, LLC (SYS), a multi-service one-stop shop for all things yachting. “It has been a work-in-progress as I have been working out all the details and soliciting other companies to partner with,” he says. “However, with hard work and dedication to my business, things are progressing very well now. The hardest part is probably finding ways to get your business out there.” 

"Currently, I am dabbling in the idea of writing a book, starting a product brand, acting in movies, and taking a starship to Mars.”

With more than nine years of yachting experience, he knows what he’s doing. Jacobson, who is presently at the helm aboard M/Y Showtime, is also a licensed real estate agent and yacht broker.

Although in its early stages, SYS already offers several services, including crew placement, thanks to a partnership with Nauti Crew Agency. “Our goal is to help bring vessels and crew together that would be the right fit for each other and be stronger as a team than individually,” says Jacobson, who also lists charters, deliveries, repairs, and detailing among his other services:

  • Sales — Looking to buy or sell a yacht?
  • Charters — Want to put your yacht into a charter fleet, or charter a boat yourself?
  • Deliveries — Need help getting your boat from NYC to South Florida?
  • Management — Need a part-time captain/manager for your yacht?
  • Crew placement — Are you a yacht looking for crew, or crew looking for your dream yacht?
  • Repairs — We do everything from cutting your boat in half and adding a helicopter pad, to plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.
  • Detailing — Interior, exterior, washing, and waxing
Capt. Seth Jacobson

“If there is any service whatsoever that captains or crew may need on a boat, we will get it done,” says Capt. Jacobson. “I believe what makes us stand out is our drive and quality of service. I can see us being one of the larger companies in the yachting space within 10 years.”

How It Started

The idea for his company started as something practical. “The original idea started as [a captain] hiring many different dayworkers in a yard period,” he says.

It began with an idea to start a detailing company, because he felt there was a demand for detailers on yachts and he knew he could supply what was in demand. Next, he thought about starting a yacht management company where he would sub out the work. After that, he thought about becoming a broker and selling the yachts he was managing. Furthermore, he had a lot of requests for contractors and was even placing them for free. “Then I was placing back-to-back charters with companies and not getting any cut. I was even placing crew to other yachts for free and was tired of doing work for everyone and not getting paid,” he says.

“One day, I was taking a real estate course and my brain hit the idea: DO IT ALL. Now we have crew placement and are continuing to grow. For each branch, our goal was to team up with all the best companies, and so far, we have!”

His Secret to Success

He adds that his new company isn’t his only focus in business. “My mind is constantly working to come up with new ideas and projects to work on. Currently, I am dabbling in the idea of writing a book, starting a product brand, acting in movies, and taking a starship to Mars,” Jacobson jokes.

His advice for others: “Dream big and never settle! I have been in the yachting industry for over nine years, and in that time, I have made extraordinary progress from walking the docks for daywork to captain. I am not from Lauderdale and did not know what the yachting industry was 10 years ago,” he says. So go for it!


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