Staying Active: Crew Press Up into 2021

14 January 2021 By Aileen Mack

Even though it can be difficult to stay active with a busy schedule, it’s so beneficial for you mentally and physically. If you’re in search of a motivator, accountability buddy, or a challenge to kick off your new year, join in on the Press Up into 2021 Challenge, started by @healthandfitnessretreat on Instagram, which was created by Chief Stewardess Gaby Jardim and her partner Chris.

For every day of January, they will do the number of press ups that correspond to the day of the month (1 press up on the 1st, 2 press ups on the 2nd, and so on). For those joining the challenge later and want to complete the month’s worth of press ups, she suggests doing a couple extra press ups each day over the next few days to catch up and reach the total of 105 for January.

“Last year, we ran a one-minute daily plank challenge for a month. This was so well received due to the fact that it could be done anywhere, it took up very little time, you didn’t need equipment, and you could progress over the month (i.e. do longer than a minute),” Jardim says. “Therefore, we wanted to run another challenge that was similarly achievable. The press up challenge was perfect for this.”

So far, they have crewmembers in Italy, France, Fiji, Antigua, Spain, UK, and South Africa doing press ups alongside them. They hope to have 31 yachts/yacht crew do 31 push-ups on January 31, she says. While she knows it may be a stretch, she’s hoping it becomes a reality. They’re using the hashtag #pressupinto2021 and are asking people to tag them @healthandfitnessretreat and their friends to join in.

The challenge will end on the 31st, but they do have something very exciting launching for yacht crew in February. So stay tuned and make sure to follow their Instagram to see what’s coming next.

UPDATE: 01/25/2021
Chief Stewardess Gaby and Chief Officer Chris have just kicked the Press Up Challenge up a notch by partnering with Yachting Gives Back, a registered charity in Palma. In addition to aiming to get 31 yachts/crew to do 31 press ups on January 31, they’re asking them to donate 31 euros, or however much they’re able to.

If you’re new to the challenge, it’s not too late to join. “The more the merrier and all for a good cause!” they say. “It is a challenging time for everyone at the moment, but every little bit makes a difference. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, your donation will go to an incredible cause to help both the people and animals of Mallorca.”

To learn more and stay updated, follow them on Instagram @healthandfitnessretreat and on Facebook.