S/Y Sila Sibiri Washes Ashore in Spain

15 October 2018 By Aileen Mack

A large storm caused difficulties for 32-meter S/Y Sila Sibiri, which reportedly washed up ashore in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on October 15, Maritime Bulletin reports. There were allegedly two crewmembers on board who were not injured in the incident. reports that the boat was anchoring in the bay when a wave generated by bad weather may have pushed the vessel onto the rocks. One of the crewmembers on board reportedly attempted to start the engines, but the propeller hit the rocks.

According to the same local paper, an attempt was made to try to tow the yacht but experts evaluated the damage and advised against towing as the vessel was at risk of sinking. A Maritime Rescue vessel, Civil Guard, local police, and Port Authority were working to rescue the boat, and authorities are assessing how to proceed as soon as the weather allows. Reports in the local Ultimahora paper claim that one of the vessel’s compartments may have been flooded.

Until experts can verify Sila Sibiri’s status, she will not be towed, local media Diario de Mallorca reports. The possible damage to the hull means she could sink if she’s moved.

Photo from Twitter user @chartergulet

UPDATE: 10/30/18
S/Y Sila Sibiri is safely on the hard in STP Shipyard in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, according to a press release from Shore Marine. The vessel had dragged anchor and ended up on the rocks due to a large storm surge in the area, and they successfully managed to salvage the vessel.

The operation involved removing her masts while she was still on the rocks, turning the yacht for emergency repairs, and towing her into Palma on October 26.