S/Y M5 Damages Pilings in Maine

25 September 2018 By Aileen Mack

A sudden and powerful gust of wind and an incoming tide on the morning of September 22 pushed 277-foot S/Y M5 with so much force that the vessel ripped a floating dock away from several pilings, local media Portland Press Herald reports. She had been docked at DiMillo’s Marina in Portland, Maine, since September 3.

Even though the float was perpendicular to its intended location, it remained attached on one end and prevented M5 and other vessels from being set adrift. The only damage was to a few of the pilings, which were bent and broken. No fuel spilled into the harbor because the gas and electrical lines to the dock remained intact.

On the morning of September 24, a small crane was making repairs on site and M5 was docked at the end of Chandler’s Wharf, a neighboring dock to where the incident occurred.