S/Y Asia Sinks off Indonesia

25 November 2019

The 29-meter S/Y Asia sank more than 50 miles off the coast of an Indonesian island, the BBC reports. The skipper raised the alarm after the vessel hit an object in the water at about 9 p.m. GMT on November 22.

“…Following extensive investigation work by the UK Coastguard, contact was made with the skipper who confirmed that the vessel had sunk off Indonesia after hitting an object in the water,” the HM Coastguard wrote. “…all four crew had managed to get on board the RHIB tender they were carrying.” The four crewmembers were found more than eight hours later.

Australian authorities originally picked up the distress call, contacting the UK Coastguard as the yacht appeared to be registered in the UK. The vessel was finally traced to its U.S.-registered EPIRB, which had been activated in the same area as the distress call, the Coastguard reported.

They were able to ascertain that the yacht was Malaysia registered and eventually made contact with the skipper. Local police met the crew near Bima in the West Nusa Tenggara province.  

The Coastguard said the crew are safe and well and receiving assistance.