Quarantinis: M/Y Arados, Home, and Serenity

27 May 2020

What better antidote to the coronavirus than a delicious cocktail? While alcohol might not eliminate the virus, it could go a long way to curing your COVID-19 blues. But not just any drink will do — we gathered only those concoctions created by the finest mixologists on the water.

For BOAT International’s Virtual BOAT Show Quarantine Cocktail Contest, crewmembers from 17 yachts around the globe created delightful, tasty offerings. They jumped at the challenge to find inspiration on board and craft a new Quarantini, using no more than five ingredients and only what was currently on the vessel. We’ll be sharing their creations, inspirations, and how you can make your own in the coming days, so be sure to keep checking

Each drink was judged on creativity, method, and look by cocktail bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana, aka Mr. Lyan, 2019 World’s Most Influential Bar Personality (among other titles) and owner of Super Lyan, Dandelyan, and cocktail restaurant Cub.

Here are the recipes for “Rescue Me” created by Interior Crewmembers Sarah Tingay and Bruno Duarte of 47-meter M/Y Arados; “The Triple “C” Quarantini” created by Chief Stewardess Bugsy Drake and Stewardess Jen Whitt of 50-meter M/Y HOME; and “Sasquatch Social Distancer” by Chief Stewardess Jeanine Bennett of 37-meter M/Y Serenity.

Rescue Me
By Interior Crewmembers Sarah Tingay and Bruno Duarte of M/Y Arados

The idea was centered around the quarantine and the virus — we decided to go simple but tasty. The name came up after a crazy brainstorming session; we were trying to find something catchy. When we tested the cocktail, it was delicious on the first try. It was easy and we had fun!

25 ml Curaçao Blue
25 ml lime juice
75 ml Cointreau
3 ml filtered raspberry juice

Step 1: Fill the shaker with ice
Step 2: Add ice to 2 martini glasses
Step 3: Squeeze 25ml of lime juice
Step 4: Add 25ml Curaçao Blue to each glass
Step 5: Add the lime juice and 75ml Cointreau into the shaker
Step 6: Shake well and pour in the martini glasses
Step 7: Have the raspberry juice for decoration and for the nice taste balance

The Triple “C” Quarantini  (Canceled Charter Confinement)
By Chief Stewardess Bugsy Drake and Stewardess Jen Whitt of M/Y HOME

With provisions bought for a charter that was canceled, what better way than to concoct a canceled charter confinement, better known as the Triple “C” Quarantini. It’s like the triple threat of cocktails with the added anxiety of never “spilling the tea” over a more basic martini with your friends in person ever again. This Quarantini has done nothing more than lift the spirits of the crew, leaving them happy and more than a little tipsy. It’s been an excellent and magical moral motivator, reminding us of the clear blue Bahamian waters we once used to charter in. This gives us all hope in these uncertain times that we will come back stronger (and corona free) than ever and be chartering these confined crystal blue waters again very soon. The great thing about this cocktail: You can sip it alone from the comfort of (your) “Home.”

Inspiration for each ingredient:
Blue curaçao: The color to remind us of The Bahamas blue water we were meant to be chartering in and it’s “oh so” tasty
St. Martin rum: To black/block out the reality, which is the confinement of the yacht
Raspberry Jell-O: To wiggle your worries away
Lucky Charms: A little bit of magic to spice up the monotony of the days
Lime: To thematically contribute to the bitter/sweet situation, while adding value of a good amount of vitamin C to boost that immune system!

0.5 shot Blue Curaçao
2 shots Sint Maarten Old Man Guavaberry Brand Wild Orange Guavaberry rum liqueur
Raspberry Jell-O
1 whole lime
Lucky Charms cereal

Step 1: Throw on your most fabulous outfit (may accessorize with mask and goggles).
Step 2: Wash your hands.
Step 3: Rim your martini glass using a lime wedge and Jell-O powder.
Step 4: Mix up the raspberry Jell-O and pour into whiskey ball ice mold. (Leave in the freezer until frozen. Do this step at least four hours before you are ready to mix up and sip your martini and leave a little bit of Jell-O powder to rim your martini glass.)
Step 5: Into your shaker, squeeze half of a lime, pour in blue Curaçao and rum, add ice, and shake, shake, shake!
Step 6: Remove half frozen raspberry Jell-O from mold, and place in your already rimmed martini glass.
Step 7: Strain shaken cocktail into glass.
Step 8: Sprinkle Lucky Charms into drink.
Step 9: Sip, enjoy, and forget the fact that you are alone, sad, and in urgent need of a haircut!

For a special thematic DIY Corona martini glass:
Step 1: Snap off the bottom of a regular martini glass
Step 2: Empty a Corona beer down the sink (because who really needs to ingest Corona!)
Step 3: Add watered down blue curaçao to the empty Corona bottle, add a lime wedge, and insert martini glass.

Disclosure by the CDC (Cocktail Development Center):
Remember to drink responsibly. Alcohol does not cure all problems and is not a proven vaccine against the virus, but it is a great temporary escape and creates a heightened euphoric perception of the current situation.

Sasquatch Social Distancer
By Chief Stewardess Jeanine Bennett of 37-meter M/Y Serenity

Our cocktail is called the Sasquatch Social Distancer. We decided to get some Pacific Northwest inspiration by using regional ingredients such as a botanical gin crafted in Juneau, Alaska, as well as incorporate blueberries since you’re able to forage for those and many other types of berries here, and of course the legendary Sasquatch!

I created the cocktail but definitely used the crew as a sounding board for the ingredients and the name. It was fun to see the evolution of the name — I looked around the boat at different reading materials we provide for the guests hoping the name of a plant, flower, or animal would help spur some creativity, and it worked because we actually have a Sasquatch pamphlet.

Sasquatch, also known as Big Foot, is after all the best social distancer out there. Yes, we have met people who have claimed to see him, and Seattle has many murals and memorabilia of him around town. We will also be using wild blueberry salt from the Sitka Salt Company to rim our glass. We try to feature flavored salts on the table with all of our guest dinners on board, so I was happy to use this from our collection.

What I love about this cocktail is it’s not overly complex and can be created with any gin and you could even try with a healthy splash of Champagne or Prosecco to enjoy during brunch. In our minds, Sasquatch will be creating this cocktail while leisurely enjoying his social distancing.

2 oz. Juneauper Gin
1 oz. Lemon Juice
1 oz. Honey Simple Syrup
9 Blueberries
Wild Blueberry Salt for rim

Step 1: First, make your honey simple syrup ahead of time — one-part water, one-part honey. Heat on stovetop, stirring until combined, cool to room temperature.
Step 2: Rim your glass (we are using a coupe glass, but a martini glass or on the rocks will also do) with honey simple syrup and dip into the Wild Blueberry Salt to coat the rim; set aside.
Step 3: In a cocktail shaker, muddle six blueberries. Add gin, lemon juice, honey simple syrup, and ice.
Step 4: Cover and shake until the outside of the shaker frosts. Pour over a strainer into your glass. This will eliminate any bits of fruit to provide a clean look to your cocktail.
Step 5: Garnish with lemon peel and remaining blueberries. Enjoy!