Quarantinis: M/Y Akula, Liquid Rehab, Milestone, and Snow 5

19 May 2020

What better antidote to the coronavirus than a delicious cocktail? While alcohol might not eliminate the virus, it could go a long way to curing your COVID-19 blues. But not just any drink will do — we gathered only those concoctions created by the finest mixologists on the water.

For BOAT International’s Virtual BOAT Show Quarantine Cocktail Contest, crewmembers from 17 yachts around the globe created delightful, tasty offerings. They jumped at the challenge to find inspiration on board and craft a new Quarantini, using no more than five ingredients and only what was currently on the vessel. We’ll be sharing their creations, inspirations, and how you can make your own in the coming days, so be sure to keep checking

Each drink was judged on creativity, method, and look by cocktail bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana, aka Mr. Lyan, 2019 World’s Most Influential Bar Personality (among other titles) and owner of Super Lyan, Dandelyan, and cocktail restaurant Cub.

Here are the recipes for “Jalapeño-Infused Tequila Mango Margarita” created by Solo Stewardess Molly Slayter of 27-meter M/Y Akula; “Spicy Grapefruit Quarantini” created by Chief Stewardess Stevi Gregorios and Second Stewardess Chloe van Niekerk of 130-foot M/Y Liquid Rehab; “Le Cure” created by Chief Stewardess Lyndsey Kistner and Second Stewardess Kirsty Van Wyk of 146-foot M/Y Milestone; and “The Miami Money Burning Quarantini” by Chef James Howard and Chief Stewardess Bellenda Lowrie of 48-meter M/Y Snow 5.

Jalapeño-Infused Tequila Mango Margarita
By Solo Stewardess Molly Slayter of M/Y Akula

At the moment, we are really missing our owners, who are amazing people. The boss loves his mangos for breakfast daily and his wife loves everything spicy. Since this is when we were supposed to be picking them up to do a trip, I thought I’d make a cocktail in their honor. (Akula means shark in Russian, so we like our cocktails to have a little bite!)

Ingredients: (makes 2 servings)
5 oz. Tequila infused with jalapeños
1 Jalapeño
2 oz. Fresh lime juice
2 oz. Triple Sec
3 oz. Mango purée

Step 1: Slice the jalapeño and place it in your desired tequila for a day or two. I used a 12 oz. glass bottle and let it sit for two days before I strained.
Step 2: Make your mango purée from either fresh diced mango or frozen mango in the blender. If you don’t like the pulp, I’d recommend straining before adding everything to a blender. Set aside the mango purée.
Step 3: Use a clean blender and add your measured infused tequila, lime juice, mango purée, Triple Sec, and blend with ice. Alternatively, grab your shaker and do the exact same thing — don’t forget to leave out the ice.
Step 4: Pour into a martini glass. Don’t forget to rim your glass if that’s what your guest likes.
Step 5: Garnish with a wedge of lime and a slice of Jalapeño.

Spicy Grapefruit Quarantini
By Chief Stewardess Stevi Gregorios and Second Stewardess Chloe van Niekerk of M/Y Liquid Rehab

She ain’t your average martini…this baby brings the heat! She’s bursting with antioxidants and vitamin C to keep your immunity high and your temperature low in order to help you kick the COVID.

Warning: Do try this at home! Stay at home (or on board) and serve this Spicy Grapefruit Quarantini in a full HazMat suit to make your quarantine buddies feel safe and assured that their tini is totally healthy. (Can also be served with a side of Lysol and hand sanitizer if you’re feeling generous.)

Our boat’s signature cocktail is a martini, so Second Stewardess Chloe and I are always looking for new recipes. We decided to spice this one up — hope you like it!

1 Juicy Ruby Red grapefruit
1 Jalapeño
1 Lime
2 shots Tequila
Spicy Red Salt

Step 1: Start by chopping up 1 jalapeño. Save a few slices for garnish.
Step 2: Add the jalapeño to a shaker. Add 2 shots of your preferred tequila.
Step 3: Muddle the jalapeño with the tequila and half a lime.
Step 4: Add the juice of 1 grapefruit and ice.
Step 5: Shake and don’t stop until your hands are stuck to the shaker!
Step 6: Pour into a chilled martini glass rimmed with spicy red salt.
Step 7: Add a few slices of jalapeño and a lime wheel, and voila, you’ve got yourself a spicy COVID Killer of a Quarantini!

Le Cure
By Chief Stewardess Lyndsey Kistner and Second Stewardess Kirsty Van Wyk of M/Y Milestone

Le Cure is our signature cocktail for the current world situation. My Second Stewardess Kirsty Van Wyk and I brainstormed together over WhatsApp to come up with a cocktail that would have beneficial ingredients to serve as a “cure” for COVID-19. Kirsty created the cocktail on board our boat, M/Y Milestone, currently in St. Thomas, USVI.  She raided our liquor cabinets and fridges to come up with this lovely cocktail. You will see that each ingredient has health benefits. Although it may not be the final cure, it will aid in helping people get through this tough time.

Rose Essence: 3 drops
Egg white: 1 egg
Rose Champagne: Top up
Tequila Blanco: 1 oz
Chambord Liqueur: 1 oz

Step 1: Froth/shake egg white in shaker. Add Rose Essence, shake again
Step 2: Add ice to shaker, and then add Tequila and Chambord. Shake well — the more shaking, the more aeration created and a bigger foam cap, which in essence will keep the bubbles in the Champagne after.
Step 3: Pour shaker into coupe-style glass. Top with Champagne.
Step 4: Garnish. (I garnished with dehydrated strawberries — which I found in the Special K cereal — but fresh rose petals will be just as beautiful.)

Health Benefits:
Rose Essence: Soothes sore throat, prevents and treats infections, enhances mood
Tequila: Aids sleep, probiotic, promotes weight loss
Egg white: Rich in protein, maintains blood pressure
Black raspberry: Rich in Vitamin C (fight that flu)
Champagne: Prevents blood clots (findings in COVID-19 studies shows that blood clots are the main cause of death through the lungs)

The Miami Money Burning Quarantini
By Chef James Howard and Chief Stewardess Bellenda Lowrie of M/Y Snow 5

We usually burn so much cash in Miami and always complain, but now that we’re stuck here, we would happily spend a thousand dollars to sit around a table anywhere off the boat. So we froze nine $100 bills into a glass mold, then used that as the glass — representing how we would normally burn through the money in this crazy city. The irony of not being able to spend in Miami…the struggle is real. But the reward for drinking: a $900 to $1000 refund when you finish your cocktail. The colors are the traditional Miami colors, and the cocktail is inspired by one of our favorite cocktail bars and perfected by our Chief Stewardess Bellenda Lowrie. Chef James has a passion for photography and added the finishing touches. We used no artificial colors or flavors — all juice colors and flavors come from natural sources.   

2oz. mezcal
1oz. lime juice
1oz. cucumber juice
3/4 oz. agave
4 dashes celery bitters

Step 1: Shake all ingredients together
Step 2: Salt and gold flake the rim of your $900 ice glass
Step 3: Serve in the ice glass, and garnish with freshly dehydrated lemons, edible flowers, blue spirulina foam, and pink dragon fruit foam using soy lecithin
Step 5: Sip or skull to desire — and enjoy!