Pirates Attempt to Attack Yacht Near Nicaragua

1 February 2016

Dockwalk receivedword via email that pirates attempted an attack on the 70-foot M/Y Golden Eagle on January 27, 2016, offthe east coast of Nicaragua.

The Nordlund vessel was transiting from Colon, Panama, toRoatan, Honduras, and was north of Colombia-controlled Isla Providencia whenthe pirates approached.

“We are all fortunately okay, but the sixty-foot steelfishing vessel tried to ram and board us,” wrote Andrea Peterson, owner of theyacht. “A chase ensued, and we were able to outrun them going full speed atfourteen knots. I think we lull[ed] ourselves into a false sense of securitycruising the Caribbean Sea.”

There were four people on board, including Peterson’sfour-year-old son. Peterson gave the Miami Coast Guard station all details ofthe incident.