Man Shot in St. Maarten

6 February 2018

Crew in St. Maarten, keep your belongings close and yourhands closer.

According to local publication TheDaily Herald, a man was shot near Scotiabank/Simpson Bay Yacht Club Marinaearly morning Monday, February 5.

The Saint Maarten Police Force reportson its Facebook page that the victim, upon leaving a sports bar, wasoffered a lift by two unknown men driving a small car. After arriving at thefinal destination, they demanded money from him.

“After telling them he had no money, he was shot by one ofthe men in his left hand,” reads the statement. “The victim then ran towardsthe security booth of the yacht club, from where the police were notified.”

The victim was reportedly treated at the scene and thentransported to St. Maarten Medical Center, where he remained as of yesterdayfor further treatment and observation.

The forensic department collected evidence at the scene, anddetectives are currently investigating the incident.