M/Y K Runs Aground

11 September 2018 By Aileen Mack

Forty-meter M/Y K ended up on the rocks on September 9 near Punta Bianca in Ponza, Italy, at 7 a.m. local time. Five guests and eight crewmembers were on board, says Commandante Andrea Vaiardi, head of the coast guard at Gaeta. No one was reportedly hurt in the incident, local media Il Messaggero reported. The coast guard reports that the yacht got too close to the coast, where it ran aground in shallow, rocky waters.

The Coast Guard assisted the boat, along with the OTS service that provided technical assistance service with divers on board to verify damage to the hull. The Coast Guard arrived in less than 10 minutes of being called, and the guests were removed from the vessel via tender. Getting passengers to safety lasted a few minutes, Vaiardi says.

To ensure the safety of K, they had to wait for the high tide to avoid causing more damage to the hull. She was removed at about 4:20 p.m. local time, and the boat is now in a private yard on the island of Ponza.

Updated: 9/12/2018

YouTube video from h24 notizie:

Updated: 9/18/2018