M/Y Jelana Runs Aground in Corfu

15 September 2015

The 40-meterSunseeker M/Y Jelana ran agroundafter a storm swept it onto a shallow reef outside NAOK Marina in Corfu,Greece, on the morning of September 10.

According tonews sources, the incident occurred when M/YJelana was maneuvering to berth at the pier, but the strong winds and swellwere no match for the vessel, and she found herself washed onto the reef about20 meters from shore. The crew on board was able to contain the flooding to theengine room by closing watertight doors, keeping the $15.2 million vesselafloat.

The crewreportedly made it to shore uninjured and assisted with marine pollutionprevention efforts by joining local response teams in setting up a floatingboom around the yacht and draining the yacht of any hazardous fluids. While somesources report that the waters have not been polluted, other sources reportedan oil leak.

The yachtwas stuck for four days before it was towed away yesterday. It’s unclear howextensive the damages are, but she seems to have fared better than some of thesmaller sailing yachts near the marina, which sank during the storm.

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Photographs by Nikos Stratigos