M/Y Bellissima Runs Aground

4 August 2016

According to local Canadian news sources, the 30-meter M/Y Bellissima ran aground in PenderHarbour, British Columbia, on August 3. The vessel allegedly hit rocks offDaniel Point, holing the vessel and forcing the captain into making a maydaycall at 2:29 p.m. as he entered Pender Harbour.

News Vancouver reported that, “Water poured from the rear ofthe yacht as crews used two large pumps to bail the vessel out.” The vesselultimately was stopped from sinking. According to Michelle Imbeau, communications advisor at Fisheries andOceans Canada: “All five passengers safely disembarked from the vessel in their own tender. No injuries were reported.”

The Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue worked alongsidethe Canadian Coast Guard to render aid. According to a statement on its Facebook pageyesterday, “RCM-SAR Station Pender Harbour [were] tasked this afternoon after amulti-million dollar yacht ran aground and started to take on water justoutside of Pender Harbour. Our rescue crews quickly arrived on-scene andCanadian Coast Guard arrived shortly after to assist. Both work[ed] together totry to stop the ingress of water.”

“[A] boom has been placed around the vessel; however, no pollution has yet been observed,” Imbeau says. “Through the use of pumps, the yacht is currently afloat. Plans are being made to remove the vessel from the marine environment.”

Header Photo: CTV News Vancouver
Photo below: Canadian Coast Guard