M/Y .11.11.: The Carole Baskin Quarantini

6 May 2020

What better antidote to the coronavirus than a delicious cocktail? While alcohol might not eliminate the virus, it could go a long way to curing your COVID-19 blues. But not just any drink will do — we gathered only those concoctions created by the finest mixologists on the water.

For BOAT International’s Virtual BOAT Show Quarantine Cocktail Contest last week, crewmembers from 17 yachts around the globe created delightful, tasty offerings. They jumped at the challenge to find inspiration on board and craft a new Quarantini, using no more than five ingredients and only what was currently on the vessel. We’ll be sharing their creations, inspirations, and how you can make your own in the coming days, so be sure to keep checking

Each drink was judged on creativity, method, and look by cocktail bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana, aka Mr. Lyan, 2019 World’s Most Influential Bar Personality (among other titles) and owner of Super Lyan, Dandelyan, and cocktail restaurant Cub.

The drink that impressed him with its fun recipe and great presentation was “The Carole Baskin,” created by Chief Stewardess Kate Foulkes of 63-meter Benetti M/Y .11.11.

The Carole Baskin

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! “The Carole Baskin” was conjured up during isolation when Tiger King on Netflix went viral and made the craziest of people look sane. Just like Joe Exotic’s hatred for Carole Baskin, this cocktail is forever. Think “Jaffa Cake,” but on meth! What better homage to the absolute ludicrous series than a Carole Baskin-inspired tasty tiger cocktail? Vibrant and delicious, it’ll disappear quicker than Carole’s husband.

100ml Dark chocolate, melted
1 shot/50ml Ketel One Vodka
1 shot/50ml Grand Marnier
1 shot/50ml Chocolate Liqueur
150ml Orange juice

Step 1: Pour melted dark chocolate around the inside of a highball from a squeezy bottle while twisting to make tiger stripes. Lay in the freezer to set for 10 minutes.
Step 2: In a cocktail shaker, shake the shots of vodka, Grand Marnier, and chocolate liqueur over ice.
Step 3: Top with freshly squeezed orange juice.
Step 4: Pour the mix in gently to the tiger-striped glass. Garnish with half an orange, also with chocolate stripes, two small orange wedges for ears, and a stainless-steel straw.